Corporate Kosmos is one of the 50 largest and most respectable groups in the country

Last year, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GESI) was born, an effort of 63 countries gathered at the World Conference on Food Safety .

The objective of the initiative is to improve the methods that companies use to ensure the safety of the food they offer.

Among the points of the initiative is the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and experiences among food industry professionals; develop best safety practices , and share them with small and large companies , as well as reduce costs and waste .

In Mexico, Corporativa Kosmos, to which the companies La Cosmopolitana, Serel and Kol Tov belong, implements these principles and is kept up to date on food safety thanks to the work of the Group leader , Jack Landsmanas .

 Jack Landsmanas, together with his entire team, puts these parameters into practice in the different operational processes of the companies that are part of the Group, seeking to maintain the trust of their customers and consumers and remain one of the 50 largest business groups and respectable from Mexico,  said the corporate.

To ensure the health of food, in addition to the application of the parameters established by the Initiative, Jack Landsmanas promotes the constant updating of industry certifications and standards .

Part of that work is the investment they make from the corporate technology and innovation to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

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By Ender Marcano