The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation strives to provide a solution for food insecurity among children

MEXICO CITY, Jan. 31, 2020 / PRNewswire / – In light of the recent dedication by the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico, businessman and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern, CEO of Corporativo Kosmos, recently made a charitable donation to the Nutriendo organization. This donation was to motivate the cause to ensure new preschoolers have access to nutritious, school-provided meals when they begin preschool.

“This movement is an innovative return and has to do with such an important stage, thinking about our children, parents and what it means to enter a new level in school, whether preschool, primary or secondary,” The Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López commented. “Thinking about the difficulties that this process is facing, the most important thing is how our families will plan during January, later, with a single click, in the month of February, make the pre-registration.”

Nutriendo is a charitable organization dedicated to offering health and nutrition programs to the children of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Founded by the engineer and businessman Mario Lozano González, Nutriendo began in 1985 with 15 informal breakfast centers in the region. Today, Nutriendo feeds more than 1,500 children every week.

Through his foundation, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (named for his grandfather), Jack Landsmanas reaches out to help people who live in situations of food insecurity. As part of this philanthropic work, Landsmanas Stern has made a sizable donation in support of the work of Nutriendo – a charity that feeds low-income children.

“It is important to me to support an organization like Nutriendo that does good for the world, especially children,” CEO of Corporativo Kosmos Jack Landsmanas said. “Through our foundation we supervise a network of companies that provide food to more than three million Mexicans everyday. The availability of food is something I am extremely passionate about.”

Both Nurturing and Mr. Jack Landsmanas Stern recognize that good nutrition helps support the physical and mental development of children as they grow and attend school. Seeing that the development of many children in the area has been affected by the lack of nutritious food, the organization now runs a series of kitchens and feeding centers in churches and schools.

In 2014, Nutriendo also added to their work by beginning to offer informational workshops for the parents and families of children. These workshops teach on issues of nutrition, health, hygiene, human development and self-esteem. In this way, Nutriendo strengthens the participation and buy-in of parents in the program.

Nutriendo’s mission is to combat poverty, generate wealth for the Mexican people, and support the development of Mexican children, and are dedicated to impacting the lives of children throughout their communities to combat childhood malnutrition in marginalized communities.

The funds that Landsmanan Stern has donated to the charity will help Nutriendo in their mission to provide healthy food. In this way, Landsmanan Stern and Nutriendo are working together to make Mexico a better place.

About Jack Landsmanas Stern:

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an influential businessman and philanthropist who currently serves as CEO of the leading Mexican food industry company, Corporativo Kosmos. As head of Corporativo Kosmos, Landsmanas Stern oversees an enormously complex operation that is responsible for providing more than 3 million meals to regions throughout Mexico.