Jack Landsmanas directs one of the most important business groups within the Mexican food industry: Kosmos Corporate .

For 55 years, Kosmos Corporate has attended to the needs of all its clients nationwide through the different services offered by each of the companies that comprise it: attention to institutional dining rooms, assembly and distribution of pantries, food production, catering and hotel , among other general services.

Through these operations, the company has not only stood out in the industry for its versatility and won the trust of customers and consumers , it has also helped boost the country’s economic development.

Jack Landsmanas: How to boost the economic development of Mexico?

Corporations are one of the main promoters of the economic well-being of a territory. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that large Mexican companies contributed approximately 58% to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in that period.

To achieve an impact of this magnitude, it is not enough for a business to carry out its daily operations: it is necessary that it undertakes other initiatives in its strategy.

The business group of Jack Landsmanas and his family, for example, contributes to the development and economic well-being of the Mexican Republic in four main ways:

  • Job creation. To date, Corporativa Kosmos has generated 9,000 direct jobs in different areas, in addition to the contracts it has with suppliers and the thousands of indirect jobs it generates.
  • Support of national products. 94% of the products acquired by Jack Landsmanas companies come from Mexican producers, favoring the local economy.
  • Social responsibility projects. With the creation of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, the company has initiated several programs focused on the social and environmental well-being of the country.
  • Quality guarantee. The business group has obtained the most recognized certifications in terms of food safety and quality, excellence in management systems and environmental impact.

These four actions that Jack Landsmanas and his work team carry out day after day have made Corporativa Kosmos one of the quality ambassadors companies in the face of national and foreign investment, thus becoming one of the central contributors to the economic well – being of the country.

Originally published at http://jacklandsmanas.com on October 3, 2019.