Jack Landsmanas, founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, has continued the commitment to support those who need it most, and build a better Mexico

Through the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas provides free raw materials to different altruistic organizations in the country so they can prepare their own meals.
Today the foundation works with different philanthropic institutions, which support different sectors in vulnerable situations, such as: teenage mothers, people with addictions or alcohol problems, people with HIV-AIDS and survivors of the Holocaust.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in cases of emergency

The commitment of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and of course Jack Landsmanas, remains firm even in adverse or complicated situations.

This is verified by the Gold Link Company recognition, received by the Kosmos Corporation for donations of pantries that it makes to support people facing the consequences of natural disasters.

This recognition is granted by the Committee for Aid to Disasters and National Emergencies (Cadena), a civil association that provides humanitarian aid in communities experiencing emergency situations.