Corporate Kosmos and the companies that make it up La Cosmpolitana, Serel and Kol Tov have been offering food services with the highest quality standards in the industry for more than 50 years.

All of this based on the philosophy of Corporativo Kosmos, led by Jack Landsmanas , whose mission is to serve clients by fulfilling their commitments with passion and quality, in order to be one of the 50 largest and most respectable business groups in Mexico.

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What services does Corporate Kosmos offer?

  • Food services and general services for institutional dining rooms.
  • Preparation of breakfasts and school meals.
  • Production and distribution of box lunches and pantries.
  • Offshore and onshore transportation, catering and hotel services.
  • Boat supply services.
  • Supply of raw materials.

What are the values ​​that govern the operations of the Corporate?

Corporate Kosmos’s mission is to serve customers with passion and quality and it does so based on various virtues that give meaning to its work.

The values ​​that the founder of the Corporate, Pablo Landsmanas, established for more than 50 years and that the general director Jack Landsmanas maintains in force are:

  1. Loyalty, towards the company.
  2. Courage, to take risks.
  3. Honesty, rectitude in all your actions.
  4. Service attitude, both with internal and external customers.

What does the Corporate Kosmos sustainability platform consist of?

Jack Landsmanas has promoted in the collaborators of the companies that belong to the Kosmos Corporate, the conviction that a better future for the country is not possible if it is not based on sustainable actions.

That is why a sustainability platform has been established that seeks to ensure that the operations of companies generate a positive echo in their collaborators, the communities where they operate and the natural environment.

1. Social welfare:
For Jack Landsmanas, it is essential to support the country’s communities, their clients and collaborators through different initiatives:

  • Research, development and testing of new products that guarantee greater well-being and health for consumers.
  • Immediate service to foundations in charge of dealing with natural disasters, in order to help affected communities.
  • Free services to non-profit institutions.
  • Support for the social reintegration of some inmates of state and federal penitentiary centers where food services are offered, through job training, issuance of official certificates and paid work.
  • Compliance with the most demanding standards of the food industry to guarantee the quality of products.
  • Training, development and growth opportunities for collaborators.
  • Compliance with strict occupational health and safety policies to protect operating personnel.

2 .Environmental welfare
To protect the environment, the Landsmanas family and its team of collaborators operate based on various initiatives:

  • Adherence to environmental policies that regulate the interaction of companies with the environment, guaranteeing an effective Environmental Management System.
  • Processes for disposing of waste such as cardboard, PET and edible oil.
  • Use of biodegradable chemicals that do not cause harm to the environment./li>
  • Periodic studies on processes to correct deviations in CO2 emissions and residual discharges.

3. Economic well-being
Corporate Kosmos, drives the development of Mexico,

4. More than 9 thousand direct jobs.

5. 94% of purchases of national products.

6. Distribution of 800 tons of food daily.

7. Food services for more than three million people every day.

8. Sustainable development

How does Jack Landsmanas promote love for Mexico in his team?

As leader of Corporativo Kosmos, Jack Landsmanas also promotes love for Mexico in his team, so, in tribute to the memory of the founder of Corporativo Kosmos, he created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation that supports various sectors of the population living in vulnerable conditions ..

What is the legacy of Pablo Landsmanas?

Pablo Landsmanas, grandfather of Jack Landsmanas, was a businessman of Lithuanian origin who was always distinguished by his human qualities and philanthropy that was reflected in his willingness to help others.

The Foundation that bears his name emerged in 2016 to honor him and work with honesty, empathy, tenacity, precision and formality, principles that characterized him.

Under the motto For you, for them, for Mexico , the Foundation addresses social needs based on four axes of action: food, health, education and sustainable development.

From its beginnings to date, Corporativo Kosmos has donated more than 40 million meals for the benefit of different organizations and has established itself as an organization with great social reach that benefits hundreds of people.

Among the outstanding achievements of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation are:

  • Immediate service to foundations in charge of attending communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Free services to institutions that help vulnerable sectors of the population.
  • Promotion of the social reintegration of more than 1,300 people deprived of their liberty in state penitentiaries.

What certifications does Corporativo Kosmos have?

Innovation and technology are key elements to fulfill the mission of Corporativo Kosmos to serve customers by fulfilling commitments with passion and quality.

To achieve this, the Jack Landsmanas team adheres to national and international standards that have earned it various recognitions and certifications such as:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 and NMX-CC- 9001-IMNC- 2008 for its Quality Management System.
  • ISO 22000: 2005 / NMX-F- CC-22000- NORMEX-IMNC- 2007 due to compliance with the requirements to develop and implement a Food Safety Management System.
  • ISO 28000: 2007, as a guarantee of an effective Security Management System in your Supply Chain.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 18001 (OHSAS) and NMX-SAST- 001-IMNC- 2008, for having the best practices in Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • Federal Inspection Type Certification (TIF), which grants the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) to companies that comply with regulations to ensure that food is safe.
  • Distintivo H, recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to fixed food and beverage establishments that meet the hygiene standards set by the Mexican Standard NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004.
  • Environmental Quality Certificate, which is delivered to companies that meet a series of requirements established by Profepa to improve the environmental performance of their operations.
  • Certification in HACCP System (Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points), which guarantees food safety through an operational method that identifies risks in food safety.
  • ISO 14001: 2014, which endorses an effective Environmental Management System.

Why is training important to Jack Landsmanas?

As CEO of Kosmos Corporate, Jack Landsmanas is confident that training is an essential resource to achieve the development of collaborators.

Training allows staff to be more productive and develop their capacities to enhance their faculties within the company, also making them feel more motivated.

In the companies that make up the Corporate Kosmos, training is aimed at promoting the efficient performance of employees to achieve personal and business objectives.

In this sense, Jack Landsmanas established the Annual Training Plan from which periodic training sessions are carried out that seek to cover various needs in the organization, both in technical skills and in social skills..

What is the Corporate Kosmos commitment to society?

The commitment to its collaborators, society and the environment under which Kosmos Corporate works every day, reflect the passion to comply with the highest quality standards to deliver products in perfect state of preservation, always ensuring food safety.

In this way, the Jack Landsmanas company remains one of the 50 largest and most respectable business groups in Mexico.