Throughout Mexico, Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) is a household name. A businessman tested in battle and a devoted philanthropist, Jack Landsmanas’ life revolves around making the country a better place. As head of Corporativa Kosmos , Mexican food service leader and founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas and his team work to create jobs and eradicate hunger for Mexican residents, while implementing practices aimed at promoting environmentally friendly businesses. environment.

In addition, the talented and altruistic CEO announces a family legacy of goodwill. His grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, emigrated to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959. He established the La Modelo carnage in Mexico City, which later became a great success Kosmos Corporate.

Pablo Landsmanas’ life revolved around three “P” (for his English words): passion, perseverance and philanthropy. And through the leadership of his grandson of the Kosmos Corporate, the proverbial torch has been largely approved. Jack Landsmanas has carried out his grandfather’s altruism. The motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation says it all: «For you, for them, for Mexico».

The foundation established by Pablo Landsmanas continues to grow under the transformative leadership of Jack Landsmanas. Between Corporativa Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack intends to continue redefining Mexico’s economic, social and environmental climate.

Kosmos Corporate

With more than fifty years of growth, Corporativa Kosmos is the largest provider of food services in Mexico. In fact, its central facility in Mexico City is the largest in the world, and its 27 distribution centers across the country allow it to provide a whopping 800 tons of food to more than 3 million Mexican residents every day.

In addition, the corporation is certified for its high-level sanitation efforts and was recognized this year by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy as a Socially Responsible Company, a great honor granted only to the most environmentally conscious companies.

What was once a simple butcher shop is now responsible for providing food services to industrial canteens, schools, hotels and ships, as well as providing raw materials for food processing.

How has Corporate Kosmos achieved such a high level of success? Ask any of your employees and they will make sure to point to the leadership of Jack Landsmanas.

Jack everywhere

The vitality of Corporate Kosmos comes from the passion and relentless impulse of its leader, Jack Landsmanas Stern. The partnership of the corporation with the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation has also contributed to its widespread success and stability. By creating the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas discovered a way to merge both business and philanthropy. Now, the commemorative foundation of his corporate giant and grandfather works in unison to build a better Mexico.

The impact of Jack Landsmanas’ leadership is undeniable but, as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day”, and it certainly was not built with just two hands. The Corporate Kosmos and the team of stars of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation show up to work every day ready to create a social change.

Corporate Kosmos employees are presented with continuous training and development opportunities. The idea here is simple, but one that does not always seem to be valued in a company: better employees create better results . For Jack Landsmanas, nothing could be more true, and the national and global success of his company comes from creating a climate of change within his own ranks and then relying on his employees to drive change in the community.

Transformational leadership, transformational employees. For you, for them, for Mexico.

So what does part of this change look like?


Build a better Mexico

The imprint of the Corporate Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation is seen throughout Mexico. In particular, Jack Landsmanas and his team have:

1) Invested in national products

Corporativa Kosmos is proud to invest in national products for the longevity of the Mexican economy and its entrepreneurs. By doing so, the company helps promote local markets and better relationships between investors and suppliers.

Investing in local products leads to greater quality control, so 94% of Kosmos Corporate products come directly from Mexico.

2) Produced a growth in employment

Consider: transporting 800 tons of food to more than 3 million people every day is a considerable effort. Combine that with the other one hundred initiatives carried out by Corporativa Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and you will have an endless demand for jobs.

Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, Corporate Kosmos has become a company of 8,000 employees. And with 94% of its products from Mexico, job opportunities remain available.

3) Maintained quality while increasing the quantity

Quality and quantity do not always go together, but for Jack Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos, they are the same. The CEO is constantly looking for ways to certify Corporate Kosmos products and increase their authority in the market. The company has become a paradigm for the appropriate industry standards both in Mexico and internationally.

In particular, Jack Landsmanas Stern emphasizes productivity and service. La Cosmopolitina, a company under the umbrella of the Kosmos Corporate, is known for its service and quality in meat production. The company is also recognized for its food safety management system, responsible for evaluating all its supply changes from top to bottom. This means from the practices of a rancher to the production line: everything is subjected to careful and appropriate scrutiny.

It is no secret that under the leadership ages of Don Pablo and Jack Landsmanas, the services and prominence of Corporate Kosmos have only grown. However, the most impressive may be your commitment and follow-up with quality as it has expanded.

4) Served to Mexico

By creating the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas has managed to merge business with philanthropy. In addition to partnering with schools and other companies, it has also forged relationships with the Mexican prison system. With prison officials, Jack works to provide support in the rehabilitation of prisoners and prepare them to join society.

In addition, much of the food distributed by Corporate Kosmos goes to those who need it most throughout the country. This has helped the company receive its reputation for having a philanthropic mentality and always strives to serve what it considers most important: people.

A better tomorrow

The purpose creates change, and Jack Landsmanas is someone who understands the purpose. His leadership ventures far beyond the reach of business. His life revolves around helping people in need and empowering others to do the same.

The impact of the Corporate Kosmos has no limits. He continues to lead social change throughout Mexico, the citizens of the country feel their impact every day. With a full leader like Jack Landsmanas Stern, a team of relentlessly passionate employees and the basic but powerful idea that positive change is always possible, the spirit of Don Pablo Landsmanas is still alive and the Kosmos Corporate flourishes.