What defines effective leadership? Historically, the term has been shown to be malleable, so is it appropriate to assign a single description for all cases? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer to the question. And for philanthropic entrepreneur Jack Landsmanas Stern (aka Jack Landsmanas), the answer boils down to core values ​​that every leader must harbor. On paper, these values ​​are simple. In practice, however, they are much more complicated.

Landsmanas legacy

To understand who Jack Landsmanas Stern is, one must start with the legacy of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas.

Pablo Landsmanas arrived in Mexico in 1959 from his country of origin, Lithuania, and quickly went to work to found the butcher shop “La Modelo” in Mexico City. What started as a small family business eventually turned into something much bigger – Corporativo Kosmos, the largest provider of food services in Mexico.

Despite being a brilliant and super successful businessman, Pablo Landsmanas’ philanthropy remains the most important part of his legacy. And her grandson, Jack Landsmanas Stern, has followed in his footsteps.

Of such a grandfather, such a grandson

Jack Landsmanas is the interim CEO of Corporativo Kosmos. Every day, the corporation transports 800 tons of food throughout Mexico, and serves more than 3 million people.

In Jack Landsmanas eyes, his grandfather “was a person like no other: he was always distinguished by his integrity, perseverance, willingness to support others and his human qualities. Inspired by his altruism, I decided to create a base with his name to preserve his legacy by trying to help those who need it most. ”

Such a base exists as the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, an organization committed to funding many philanthropic missions aimed at helping disadvantaged citizens of Mexico. In fact, since its inception in 2016, the foundation has worked tirelessly with other philanthropic organizations to donate nearly half a million meals to the people who need it most.

These people include victims of sexual assault and unfair labor practices, teenage mothers, abandoned children, people with serious illnesses like HIV / AIDS, and recovering drug and alcohol addicts.

Furthermore, Jack Landsmanas is firmly committed to improving the lives of young people in Mexico. In addition to abundant food donations, the foundation strives to end child malnutrition, and its leadership has been instrumental in establishing a scholarship fund (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award) given to students high-performance elementary school.

Jack Landsmanas has also collaborated with various state and federal prisons across the country. Given that some of the neediest people in Mexico are inmates, their foresight and initiative to create a positive link between the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and the Mexican prison system has proven to be transformative. Through this collaboration, inmates can properly rehabilitate and prepare to join society.

With his grandfather’s propensity for charity and the legacy of altruism, Jack Landsmanas Stern had almost an obligation to continue it. And given the success of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and his own role as CEO of Corporativo Kosmos, it is fair to suggest that this is being accomplished.

Jack Landsmanas is someone who was not left alone in being a traditional businessman. He is an agent of change, leading by example and serving as a model of what an effective leader can be. It’s not just about business: it comes close to your position as someone responsible for leading social, economic and environmental change.

As it does? Again, think about values. While everyone has their own definition of leadership, Jack Landsmanas believes that a person’s (and specific) values ​​are what distinguish them as national and, in his own case, global agents of change.

Valores de liderazgo de Jack Landsmanas Stern

Jack’s leadership of both the Corporate Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation has led him to be recognized as an innovative leader with the intention of molding exceptional employees and having a positive global impact with his companies.

His leadership philosophy revolves around seven crucial values:

1. Passion

In his own practice, passion is the foundation of any successful leader and any successful business. It is a conduit, an intangible lightning rod. If a leader is passionate about what he is doing, that passion can spread like wildfire. And, after all, if a leader is not passionate, why lead?

2. Consciousness

Not only from yourself, but from the company or organization. An effective leader is a conscientious leader, constantly informed about the stability of your company, always up-to-date on employee satisfaction, and constantly informed on how the company adapts to your broader industry. Awareness of oneself, awareness of others, awareness of business.

3. Decision

With awareness comes a need for decision. Strong leaders know this and flex their muscles to make careful decisions. Passivity is not an option. With the knowledge of the organization itself, the need arises to promote it. The only way to do it is with intentional decisions.

4. Communication

A thriving workplace is one in which communication flows seamlessly from top to bottom. As a leader, this means creating systems that promote such fluency.

5. Respect

Living with passion, exhibiting awareness, making intentional and beneficial decisions, and communicating with employees – that’s a recipe for achieving respect from others. Any leader must want respect, but an effective leader will command it through his actions.

6. Improvement

Find employees who want to improve. Train them. Give them opportunities to grow. Watch with joy as they help the business prosper. Improvement comes from reflection, and Jack Landsmanas believes that an influential leader channels personal reflection toward growth. Additionally, this person challenges their employees to create growth through their own actions.

7. Progress

Does the organization advance? This is an essential question. Positive progress starts at the top, and if an organization is led by a transformative leader, it will progress.

Create valuable leadership with intentional values ​​to strive for a better tomorrow every day.

With these seven values ​​comes the challenge. Together they form a nutrient-rich cocktail for effective leadership; however, they are not always easy to mix. When you have difficulties, look to other leaders for advice. In the case of Jack Landsmanas Stern, inspiration came from his grandfather’s philanthropic figure.

Now, he hopes to share his vast experience with others and empower young and old leaders to strive for a better tomorrow every day.

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