MIGUEL HIDALGO, MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, March 9, 2020 / / – The renowned commercial avant-garde and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern helped the food service provider Corporative Kosmos obtain an acclaimed food safety recognition, known as the ‘Distintivo H’, from the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, corroborating the company’s commitment to excellence in customer service. This honor gives Corporativo Kosmos access to both the tourism sector and hospital dining rooms, promoting outreach efforts and the impact of their work.

“We are proud to have obtained the Distinctive H recognition from the Ministry of Tourism. Our top priority is to protect the well-being of our consumers by offering the highest quality food and beverages that align with modern safety standards, “said Jack Landsmanas of the Kosmos Corporate.” All levels of our organization are committed to the goal on a daily basis. health and safety. I am proud of everyone’s efforts and look forward to continuing to serve our communities. “

The Distinctive H recognition is achieved through the proper and meticulous handling of the reception and storage of food, refrigeration and freezing of products, the adequate temperature of the hot and cold bars, the standards of cleanliness of the establishments, the sanitary services of the employees and the whole food and beverage management. The Ministry of Tourism is ensuring that the Kosmos Corporate food and beverage operations follow the standards of providing excellent service to consumers. Earning this distinction is a direct testimony to how efficient each layer of the organization is run. From delivery drivers to line cooks, and from CEO to advisory board, all employees at Kosmos Corporate are united around the idea of ​​providing the best possible food and beverage standards.

The Distinctive H badge is a major tourist attraction, signaling to global travelers and foreign countries the effectiveness of local food. Mexico saw 44.8 million international tourists in 2019, an increase of 5.6% from projections made in 2018. With Corporate Kosmos serving resorts, hotels, and other popular tourist destinations, these rates are expected to increase during 2020 and beyond.

Jack Landsmanas Stern also added: “It is an honor to earn the H badge, a recognition that our entire company has strived to achieve. We are all focused on the singular goal of offering delicious and available food and beverage services that not only meet, but exceed, food safety standards. The opportunity to start serving the tourism sector and the hospitality dining rooms is a great opportunity for us and for the Mexican Republic. ”

Jack Landsmana Stern’s commitment to food safety and sanitation, and overall excellence in business, predates the honor of winning the H. Distinctive Award. Don Pablo Landsmanas grandson, integrity, service, and honor run his family. Corporate Kosmos has offered large-scale dining services and packed lunches for years. During his tenure, Jack Landsmanas Stern has distinguished the popular food service provider with his financial and logistical strengths, as well as his passion for serving customers throughout Mexico.

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About Jack Landsmanas Stern

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an influential businessman and philanthropist who currently serves as CEO or Director of the leading company in the Mexican food industry , Corporativo Kosmos. As head of the Kosmos Corporate, Jack Landsmanas Stern oversees an enormously complex operation that provides food to regions throughout Mexico.

About Corporate Kosmos

Corporativo Kosmos ofrece servicios de comida y servicios generales para comedores institucionales; producción y distribución de desayunos empaquetados y despensa; preparación de desayunos y comidas escolares; servicios de hostelería y hotelería en plataformas marinas en la costa y en altamar; Servicios de aprovisionamiento de embarcaciones y suministro de materias primas. La misión de la compañía es mantener la confianza de sus clientes y consumidores, y para lograr esto, el grupo pone en práctica su lema: “Pasión por cumplir”.