Jack Landsmanas, CEO of Mexican food services giant Corporativo Kosmos, is on a mission. The successful entrepreneur and the philanthropic-minded businessman not only redefines best business practices, but his company and its foundation (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation) are key players in the development of initiatives aimed at helping the economic, social and environmental stability of Mexico.

And such a mission begins with the legacy.

Who Is Jack Landsmanas Stern?

Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) is known both nationally and globally as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Currently, he is the CEO of Corporate Kosmos and founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (established in 2016).

The foundation was started in memory of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, who arrived in Mexico in 1959 from his country of origin, Lithuania. Once there, the La Modelo butcher shop operated in Mexico City. This later became Corporativo Kosmos, Mexico’s leading food service provider.

Corporate Kosmos

In the past 55 years, Corporate Kosmos has grown into a premier food service provider with the intention of constantly expanding the business through innovation and quality. Today, the corporation serves 3 million people across the country every day.

As CEO, Jack Landsmanas is committed to the positive change that Corporate Kosmos continues to have in the service industry. Noted for the investment it makes in its employees, the corporation serves as a business model. It fosters routine training and development for all team members, with Jack Landsmanas at the helm.

Additionally, the talented CEO has developed initiatives to promote social welfare and sustainability efforts throughout Mexico. Through his founding slogan “For You, For Them, For Mexico,” Jack intends to ensure that all Mexican citizens receive adequate food, education, and health services.

Sustainability in practice

By operating a food service corporation, Jack Landsmanas works tirelessly to ensure:

1) Human health: It is crucial that the corporation ensure the health and well-being of those it serves.

2) Sustainability Animal and environmental health should be considered, particularly when establishing best practices for food manufacturing processes.

3) Security:
Safe business practices are a priority when it comes to food, which means that all parties involved must be informed of the ever-changing guidelines and mandates.

To help with this operation, Corporativo Kosmos has launched a sustainability platform that focuses on developing the best daily practices for conducting business and protecting the environment. For example, the corporation has studied the use of water (and how it could be reused), as well as energy efficiency. In doing so, it has successfully promoted agricultural development and conservation.

Additionally, the company has switched to using biodegradable chemicals in its manufacturing process, a welcome change considering that the United States Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences has released research suggesting that 50% of environmental pollution comes from of chemicals and other atmospheric factors.

So by using biodegradable chemicals, Corporate Kosmos is helping to eliminate long-term contamination and debris buildup. This has not only proven to be a viable business practice, but has also helped raise awareness of growing concerns about sustainability (and the lack of measures to facilitate it).

Practice makes perfect

The work of Jack Landsmanas Stern and his employees at Corporate Kosmos is paying off. This year, the company had the privilege of being recognized as a socially responsible company. Presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the award is one of the most prestigious honors in sustainability circles.

And make no mistake: the award was not awarded just for the practices implemented at Corporate Kosmos. It was awarded because these practices are improving the economic, social, and environmental health of Mexico.

In particular, the Landsmanas family business group has successfully contributed to the SDGs (SDGs). These SDGs serve as written global initiatives by world leaders. With a concentrated effort, the hope is to eliminate poverty, increase care for the environment, drive sustainable construction, and promote peace, all by 2030.

With complete certainty these are very important objectives and Kosmos Corporate is helping to achieve them. Through its best practices, the corporation leads the charge for the second SDG known as Zero Hunger.

Zero Hunger

1) Supply needed: The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (which is associated with Corporativo Kosmos) helps supply food to the areas of Mexico where it is most needed.

2) Fight against malnutrition: Malnutrition is a leading factor in the poor health of millions of Mexicans and it is something that Corporativo Kosmos strives to combat. By providing safe, high-quality food across the country, Jack Landsmanas hopes to eliminate such a troublesome epidemic.

3) Good production with care: In other words, make sure that everything that Corporate Kosmos produces is done with care and concern for people and the environment. The company has implemented an environmental management system in its operations and has received certification to do so.

Zero Hunger

Given Jack Landsmanas Stern’s family legacy of social change, philanthropy, and quality service, it’s no surprise that the current CEO and descendant of Don Pablo Landsmanas approaches his leadership role with meticulous concern and passion.

The Corporate Kosmos message is clear: Quality before everything else. The Landsmanas family business group has managed to manage a corporate giant that maintains a family atmosphere.

Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, “ everyone contributes their grain of sand ”. Everyone has a role, everyone has a responsibility, and everyone is committed to social innovation, national prosperity, and global change.

Today, Corporate Kosmos represents more than 9,000 direct jobs. Deliver 800 tons of food to millions throughout Mexico, all while practicing what you preach. It is a leading corporation in best sustainability practices and is led by someone committed to the economic and social well-being of the citizens of Mexico, as well as the health and longevity of the environment in Mexico (and the world).

All this goes back to the motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation: “For you, for them, for Mexico”.

Jack Landsmanas Stern and his talented employees believe in that. Through passion, dedication, altruism and hope, they work every day to make the world a better place.