Elias Landsmanas

Meet Elías Landsmanas
An Introduction to Corporativo Kosmos’s Director

Elías Landsmanas is acting Director of Corporativo Kosmos, one of Mexico’s largest food-service providers. He immigrated from Lithuania to Mexico in 1959 with his parents, Pejsach (Pablo) Landsmanas and Chaja Dymensztejn. Eager to start working, Pablo took a position in a butchery owned by León Brener, also a Lithuanian immigrant. Later, he started his own shop – La Modelo. Later, he started his own shop – La Modelo.

Over the years and through a consistent familial effort, La Model grew into what is now Corporativo Kosmos. Together with his younger brother Jorge and son Jack, Elías works tirelessly to preserve his father’s legacy of perseverance, quality, and altruism.

Corporativo Kosmos

With help from its three companies—The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov—Corporativo Kosmos spreads over 50 years of people-first service across Mexico every day. As Director, Elías Landsmanas oversees this process.

Whether it’s providing boxed lunches to schools, supplying raw materials for food preparation, or supporting gigantic “flotels” designed to house hundreds of oil workers off Mexico’s coastline, Corporativo Kosmos does a little bit of everything.

Moreover, Elías and other company leaders pride themselves in the company’s push towards more sustainable practices. These include:
1. 1. Evaluating day-to-day operations for efficiency and safety standards.

2. 2. Analyzing company-wide water usage and looking for ways to recycle natural resources.

3. 3. Incorporating biodegradable materials into manufacturing processes.

In 2019, these deliberate initiatives led to Corporativo Kosmos being recognized as a Socially Responsible Company. Awarded by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the designation is one of the highest sustainability honors available.

Under Elías’s direction, Corporativo Kosmos continues to be one of the largest job providers in Mexico. Responsible for employing over 8,500 Mexican citizens, the company also helps boost the economy by purchasing 94% of its products from domestic suppliers.

Given the rich family legacy behind Corporativo Kosmos and the lasting impact of Elías’s father, it’s no surprise that the company continues to do all it can to help Mexico’s citizens.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

Another prominent part of Elías Landsmanas’s role as Director of Corporativo Kosmos is to oversee the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. Created in 2016 by his son—Jack Landsmanas—in honor of Pablo, the foundation has quickly become a defining accomplishment in preserving legacy and truly giving back to Mexico.

With Pablo Landsmanas’s commitment to social prosperity in mind, the foundation works to encapsulate the late Landsmanas’s core values of honesty, empathy, tenacity, precision and formality.

In partnership with Corporativo Kosmos, the foundation supports high-needs groups of people such as teenage mothers, abandoned children, HIV patients, Holocaust survivors, and recovering addicts, providing them with healthy meals and other supplies.

The foundation also frequently partners with other like-minded organizations like Camino a Casa, Casa de la Sal, Ser Humano, and Casa de las Mercedes. To help combat malnutrition, it supplies raw materials across the country so that hungry children can be fed nutritious meals.

With Mexico’s educational system often in flux, the foundation has developed the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award. Each year, a number of scholarships are awarded to high-achieving primary school children, encouraging them to move forward with their studies.

None of this work is possible without the passionate leadership of Elías Landsmanas. In tandem with Jack, he continues to fulfill the mantra of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation: For you, for them, for Mexico.


A defining trait of Elías Landsmanas is his commitment to legacy. Elías wasn’t born into success He grew up witnessing the struggles of his father first-hand, and in doing so, he also saw how Pablo treated hardships as learning experiences, eventually transforming them into personal achievements.

Since the day he joined his father in the food-service industry, Elías has contributed to Corporativo Kosmos’s consistent growth and national influence. . A core value of his is responsibility. For Elías, growth doesn’t matter if a company is not able to maintain its commitments to its customers and employees.

As Elías continues his work in preserving his father’s legacy, adding to his own, and strengthening the impactful footprints of Corporativo Kosmos left all over Mexico, he’s focused on maintaining market awareness and product viability. This includes adapting to shifting technological demands and upholding strong ethical mandates, something Corporativo Kosmos has proven successful at again and again.

These accomplishments, coupled with the company’s environmental consciousness, only bodes well for the future of food service in Mexico. Says Elías himself, “Es un orgullo formar parte del legado y la historia empresarial construida desde cero a base de esfuerzo y sobre todo, dedicación.”

Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn

Director en Corporativo Kosmos
Mexico City Area, Mexico