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La Cosmpolitana

La Cosmopolitana is a Mexican organization with over 50 years of involvement devoted to giving exhaustive food administrations, general administrations, among others. It is an industry chief and is perceived for its unwavering quality, strength, experience, and capacity to convey under any situation..

Among its services are:

• Supply of crude material for the readiness of food to establishments in different pieces of the Mexican Republic, for example, meat, frankfurters, dairy, just as staple goods, products of the soil.

• Food administrations and general administrations. Consistently La Cosmopolitana plans more than 1 million dinners following the particulars of its customers. It can supplement food administrations with general support, cleaning, clothing, bother control and planting administrations.


Behind the current administration of Corporativo Kosmos, there is an effective direction of exertion and innovative vision that started in 1964, with a little butcher shop in Mexico City. These are a portion of the achievements in its set of experiences.

2004 : While the butcher shop was a business that developed reliably for quite a few years, a change in outlook happened in February 2004, when the organization wandered into food planning.

This is the start of another time for the establishment, which has effectively defeated the test, of getting ready dinners to client particulars, yet in addition of serving them in consistence with exacting industry norms.

2005-2007 : During this period, the food administrations classification kept on developing.

2008-2014 : During this period, Kosmos’ initiative was reaffirmed as the biggest gathering of organizations in food administrations, on account of the fuse of various customers altogether its business lines.

What started as a little butcher shop fifty years prior, today is a corporate that gives extensive food administrations to a few of the main establishments in our country, with the most significant level of specialization and quality.

Since our commencement we have gathered various examples of overcoming adversity – by adjusting to the perplexing requirements of our customers – which have combined our eminence:

  • React to the requirements of our customers with an absolute need to keep moving.
  • Convey care in distant areas, even unforgiving conditions to give food administrations to a huge number of individuals.
  • Moving to territories of cataclysmic events to offer support.

The above shows our calculated limit, adaptability, deftness and complete obligation to our customers. What’s more, it has been conceivable gratitude to the satisfaction of the best expectations of the business and a corporate way of thinking focused to greatness, which has been reaffirmed over the long haul.


“Every day, Corporativo Kosmos provides 600 thousand food services in industrial canteens. If this is added to other solutions it offers, such as box lunches and food, 3 million people could be fed daily, which is equivalent to feeding the population of three states of the Republic: Quintana Roo, Baja California Sur and Colima.”


  • Commitment : with the organization and with our customers.
  • Loyalty : towards our organization.
  • Sense of urgency : to meet the occasions and respond rapidly.
  • Courage : we are daring people.
  • Solidarity : with the networks and states where we have activities.
  • Service attitude : both with our interior and outer customers.
  • Respect : with our partners, and with one another.


To be one of the 50 biggest organizations in Mexico, exploiting the essential position that our organization has, because of its experience and authority in giving far reaching and food administrations, advancing to new long haul contracting plans.


Comprehend the chances and needs of our customers to give general and food administrations, better than any contender, continually satisfying every one of our responsibilities, producing social prosperity, just as benefits and development for our investors and colleagues.

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