Jack Landsmanas

The story of Jack Landsmanas and his business, Corporativo Kosmos, starts in 1959. His grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas, immigrated to Mexico to start a new life. Through hard work, his grandfather laid the foundation for what was to become one of Mexico’s largest conglomerates. Corporativo Kosmos moves over 700 pounds of food and serves countless of meals across Mexico every day.

But Jack credits the company’s success not just to its services. The key, he says, is to optimize your company and to make giving back a priority. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, named in honor of Jack’s grandfather, empowers thousands of women, children, inmates, and more through social welfare programs across Mexico to carry on Jack’s family legacy.

Where did the idea for Corporativo Kosmos come from?

Corporativo Kosmos actually started with my grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas. He was originally from Lithuania and arrived in Mexico in September of 1959. He worked at the company, FUD, to learn about the art of butchering and the food industry as a whole.

My grandfather used the experience and knowledge he gained from working there into his first business: “La Modelo.” It was a butcher shop based in Mexico City.

From there, the business grew. And it grew a lot. Today, the business is called Corporativo Kosmos. It’s one of the largest business groups in Mexico and it provides meals across Mexico everyday.

But what I appreciate most about our company’s founding isn’t just my grandfather’s legacy, but also the environment of giving back that he created. He showed me what it meant to give back as a business. I’m truly honored to carry the torch and pass on his family legacy of passion and perseverance. Who knows where the next 50 years will take us?

What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

I like to get very involved in my business operations. I learned everything I know from my grandfather, and I know how important it is to be on the ground with your team every day.

With that said, my typical day is pretty busy. We feed Mexican citizens every day, from school lunches to hotels. I find myself relying a lot on my team to help me make better decisions, faster. As long as you have a quality, trustworthy team on your side, don’t be afraid to trust them with the work. I try to empower my employees so I can tackle the big issues I need to focus on as the CEO. In other words, empowered delegation is key.

How do you bring ideas to life?

As a CEO, I can’t get involved in the daily minutiae. It’s my job to think about the big picture and long-term company goals. So any time I have an idea, I look at how that idea will affect our employees and all of Mexico not for a year, but for 20 years.

I’m very, very passionate about Corporativo Kosmos because of the amazing work we do. I have to proceed carefully with every idea, because it affects so many people.

It helps to stay humble and true to my roots. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my life. I want everyone to have a good life, and I have to weigh my decisions so they’re good for the whole.

What’s one trend that excites you?

I’m excited that more business leaders are taking an interest in optimization. And not optimization for the sake of it, but effective optimization in their employees, logistics, and processes.

In the food industry, this is a no-brainer. You have to be the best if you want to stay in the market. It looks like this is becoming a reality in other industries, as well. Now we’re seeing a renaissance of growth and learning opportunities that business owners in the past may have overlooked. I credit that in part to better access to educational tools through technology.

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

I don’t let myself get tangled up in the things that don’t matter. I work according to my values. What’s important to me? Where am I most needed?

When you know your values, you know who you are as a CEO, you keep your team engaged, and you make better decisions. If something doesn’t feel right, or doesn’t align with your values, don’t do it. Corporativo Kosmos has a strong legacy and culture, and because of that, I can quickly determine what actions are best for the company.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I had a great role model in my grandfather, but I would still have told my younger self, “Show up and serve.” Our entire company is founded on the mission of giving back. I love Mexico. It’s my home and I have an obligation to my fellow Mexicans.

Corporativo Kosmos gives free services and meals through dozens of nonprofits across Mexico. We also give job training and social reintegration help to inmates. I say that not to brag, but to emphasize how important our work truly is. I love my job.

Tell us something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on.

Hopefully, a few people will agree with me on this, but I say that entrepreneurs have a duty to give first. Give before you take. Give before you think of your own payday. Think of your employees, your country, and those in need before yourself.

While this is a nice sentiment, in reality, most of us think about ourselves without realizing it. Fortunately, my grandfather showed me what integrity and empathy looked like, and that meant servant leadership.

I think every CEO should not only give back, but make that a priority. If you aren’t giving back, then your priorities are backward.

As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

Optimize, optimize, optimize. Corporativo Kosmos didn’t grow to be one of the largest companies in Mexico by resting on our laurels. As the CEO, you’re in charge of driving the ship. If you aren’t steering towards new horizons, you’re stagnating, and that means you can’t grow.

I optimize my brands, even when I think I can’t optimize them any more. I’m probably a bit overambitious, actually, but I have an amazing team at my side that helps us grow. I’m there to challenge my team’s belief in what’s possible, and to push the company to do even better.

And I have big hopes for Corporativo Kosmos. Right now, we’re one of the 100 most important companies in Mexico. I want to make it to the top 50 list, and that means we have even more work to do.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

It sounds like such a simple thing, but focusing on quality got us to where we are today. My grandfather didn’t become successful by taking shortcuts, and that means we don’t take shortcuts, either.

Maybe it sounds like lip service, but we really are delivering a better experience, infrastructure, logistics, and pricing than our competition. I truly believe we deliver food service better than anyone else in our industry.

Basically, a focus on constant improvement and unrelenting standards has grown our business. For example, in 2004 we pivoted to serve canteens. In 2008, we expanded into catering and hotel service. It’s only up from here for Corporativo Kosmos, and I have our dedication to quality and improvement to thank.

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

I don’t classify this as a failure, but it was a big challenge. When my grandfather passed away, I was handed a huge responsibility to carry on the family business. And it wasn’t just a business—this is my grandfather’s legacy, his vehicle to give back to the people of Mexico. It was an imposing challenge to take on my grandfather’s company and try to grow it, all while honoring our roots.

I think I’ve done my grandfather proud. Over time, we’ve learned what works and what our clients need. We identified gaps in the market and filled those needs, which allowed the business to transform into the modern enterprise that it is today.

What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

I think sustainable businesses are the future. We’ve launched a few sustainability projects with Corporativo Kosmos, but I think sustainability-focused ventures are the next big thing. If we can build a better battery, better solar panels, or more efficient water conservation solutions, we can save so many lives around the world. Life would be so much better for everyone. And the demand is there, too. You just have to build a better mousetrap.

What is the best $100 you recently spent? What and why?

The best $100 I recently spent went to charity. Corporativo Kosmos donates meals to those in need across Mexico, and I want to support those initiatives. Give back if you can. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; charities can do so much with $100. If you can’t give money, give your time. CEOs have so much value to offer the world.

What is one piece of software or a web service that helps you be productive?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t actually a technology. The tool that helps me stay productive is actually my team. I try to have a people-first mentality, which comes down to empowering my team. When they focus on the day-to-day tasks, I can focus on the long-term vision, which is crucial for any CEO.

I will say that you have to invest in training to maximize your teams’ talents. I want my team to be in constant competition with themselves, on a constant journey of improvement. That means I need to support training initiatives if I want the most productive, streamlined team in Mexico.

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

The Gospel Of Wealth by Andrew Carnegie. I love this book. It talks about how self-made entrepreneurs are indebted to give back to society. I’m lucky enough to have inherited my grandfather’s legacy, but I’ve still seen tremendous growth during my tenure at Corporativo Kosmos. As the company has grown, I’ve made it a point to give that wealth back to the people of Mexico. My grandfather was a selfless man. I can only hope to follow in his footsteps and continue making positive change through my business.

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is the mission statement for the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation: “For you, for them, for Mexico.” I live and breathe this because it encompasses what my work is about: providing food, health, education, and sustainable development to the people of Mexico.

Key Learnings:

  • CEOs have a duty to pay back: Jack funnels a large percentage of the funds into charity work through the Kosmos Corporate. He says CEOs are bound by an honor system to repay when they are in a position of privilege.
  • Invest in your people and they will invest in you: Jack does not use sophisticated software or tools to be productive. Instead, he trains his team to feel empowered enough to handle the day-to-day business while focusing on overall strategy.
  • Quality trumps everything: don’t cut corners. Legacies are not built that way. Be proud of your work and let passion guide you to create a better business.

Who Is Jack Landsmanas?

Founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, a man committed to supporting those who need it most in order to build a better Mexico

Jack Landsmanas is dedicated to allocating free raw materials to different altruistic organizations in the country to prepare their own food, this through the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. Today the foundation works with 15 philanthropic institutions, which offer support to the most vulnerable people.

Jack Landsmanas directs Corporate Kosmos, positioned as one of the most important organizations in food services

Thanks to the support of Corporativo Kosmos, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation delivers more than 110,000 meals and donations each month to different charities .

Among these contributions are foods such as meat, fish, shellfish and milk; as well as fruits and vegetables of the highest quality. Thus, through these and other actions, the company generates an extremely positive effect in the community, contributing to improving the lives of Mexicans.


Jack Landsmanas hand in hand with Corporate Kosmos

Jack Landsmanas, founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, has continued the commitment to support those who need it most, and build a better Mexico

Through the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas provides free raw materials to different altruistic organizations in the country so they can prepare their own meals.
Today the foundation works with different philanthropic institutions, which support different sectors in vulnerable situations, such as: teenage mothers, people with addictions or alcohol problems, people with HIV-AIDS and survivors of the Holocaust.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in cases of emergency

The commitment of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and of course Jack Landsmanas, remains firm even in adverse or complicated situations.

This is verified by the Gold Link Company recognition, received by the Kosmos Corporation for donations of pantries that it makes to support people facing the consequences of natural disasters.

This recognition is granted by the Committee for Aid to Disasters and National Emergencies (Cadena), a civil association that provides humanitarian aid in communities experiencing emergency situations.



Corporate Kosmos and the companies that make it up La Cosmpolitana, Serel and Kol Tov have been offering food services with the highest quality standards in the industry for more than 50 years.

All of this based on the philosophy of Corporativo Kosmos, led by Jack Landsmanas , whose mission is to serve clients by fulfilling their commitments with passion and quality, in order to be one of the 50 largest and most respectable business groups in Mexico.

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What services does Corporate Kosmos offer?

  • Food services and general services for institutional dining rooms.
  • Preparation of breakfasts and school meals.
  • Production and distribution of box lunches and pantries.
  • Offshore and onshore transportation, catering and hotel services.
  • Boat supply services.
  • Supply of raw materials.

What are the values ​​that govern the operations of the Corporate?

Corporate Kosmos’s mission is to serve customers with passion and quality and it does so based on various virtues that give meaning to its work.

The values ​​that the founder of the Corporate, Pablo Landsmanas, established for more than 50 years and that the general director Jack Landsmanas maintains in force are:

  1. Loyalty, towards the company.
  2. Courage, to take risks.
  3. Honesty, rectitude in all your actions.
  4. Service attitude, both with internal and external customers.

What does the Corporate Kosmos sustainability platform consist of?

Jack Landsmanas has promoted in the collaborators of the companies that belong to the Kosmos Corporate, the conviction that a better future for the country is not possible if it is not based on sustainable actions.

That is why a sustainability platform has been established that seeks to ensure that the operations of companies generate a positive echo in their collaborators, the communities where they operate and the natural environment.

1. Social welfare:
For Jack Landsmanas, it is essential to support the country’s communities, their clients and collaborators through different initiatives:

  • Research, development and testing of new products that guarantee greater well-being and health for consumers.
  • Immediate service to foundations in charge of dealing with natural disasters, in order to help affected communities.
  • Free services to non-profit institutions.
  • Support for the social reintegration of some inmates of state and federal penitentiary centers where food services are offered, through job training, issuance of official certificates and paid work.
  • Compliance with the most demanding standards of the food industry to guarantee the quality of products.
  • Training, development and growth opportunities for collaborators.
  • Compliance with strict occupational health and safety policies to protect operating personnel.

2 .Environmental welfare
To protect the environment, the Landsmanas family and its team of collaborators operate based on various initiatives:

  • Adherence to environmental policies that regulate the interaction of companies with the environment, guaranteeing an effective Environmental Management System.
  • Processes for disposing of waste such as cardboard, PET and edible oil.
  • Use of biodegradable chemicals that do not cause harm to the environment./li>
  • Periodic studies on processes to correct deviations in CO2 emissions and residual discharges.

3. Economic well-being
Corporate Kosmos, drives the development of Mexico,

4. More than 9 thousand direct jobs.

5. 94% of purchases of national products.

6. Distribution of 800 tons of food daily.

7. Food services for more than three million people every day.

8. Sustainable development

How does Jack Landsmanas promote love for Mexico in his team?

As leader of Corporativo Kosmos, Jack Landsmanas also promotes love for Mexico in his team, so, in tribute to the memory of the founder of Corporativo Kosmos, he created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation that supports various sectors of the population living in vulnerable conditions ..

What is the legacy of Pablo Landsmanas?

Pablo Landsmanas, grandfather of Jack Landsmanas, was a businessman of Lithuanian origin who was always distinguished by his human qualities and philanthropy that was reflected in his willingness to help others.

The Foundation that bears his name emerged in 2016 to honor him and work with honesty, empathy, tenacity, precision and formality, principles that characterized him.

Under the motto For you, for them, for Mexico , the Foundation addresses social needs based on four axes of action: food, health, education and sustainable development.

From its beginnings to date, Corporativo Kosmos has donated more than 40 million meals for the benefit of different organizations and has established itself as an organization with great social reach that benefits hundreds of people.

Among the outstanding achievements of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation are:

  • Immediate service to foundations in charge of attending communities affected by natural disasters.
  • Free services to institutions that help vulnerable sectors of the population.
  • Promotion of the social reintegration of more than 1,300 people deprived of their liberty in state penitentiaries.

What certifications does Corporativo Kosmos have?

Innovation and technology are key elements to fulfill the mission of Corporativo Kosmos to serve customers by fulfilling commitments with passion and quality.

To achieve this, the Jack Landsmanas team adheres to national and international standards that have earned it various recognitions and certifications such as:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 and NMX-CC- 9001-IMNC- 2008 for its Quality Management System.
  • ISO 22000: 2005 / NMX-F- CC-22000- NORMEX-IMNC- 2007 due to compliance with the requirements to develop and implement a Food Safety Management System.
  • ISO 28000: 2007, as a guarantee of an effective Security Management System in your Supply Chain.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 18001 (OHSAS) and NMX-SAST- 001-IMNC- 2008, for having the best practices in Occupational Health and Safety Management.
  • Federal Inspection Type Certification (TIF), which grants the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) to companies that comply with regulations to ensure that food is safe.
  • Distintivo H, recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to fixed food and beverage establishments that meet the hygiene standards set by the Mexican Standard NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004.
  • Environmental Quality Certificate, which is delivered to companies that meet a series of requirements established by Profepa to improve the environmental performance of their operations.
  • Certification in HACCP System (Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points), which guarantees food safety through an operational method that identifies risks in food safety.
  • ISO 14001: 2014, which endorses an effective Environmental Management System.

Why is training important to Jack Landsmanas?

As CEO of Kosmos Corporate, Jack Landsmanas is confident that training is an essential resource to achieve the development of collaborators.

Training allows staff to be more productive and develop their capacities to enhance their faculties within the company, also making them feel more motivated.

In the companies that make up the Corporate Kosmos, training is aimed at promoting the efficient performance of employees to achieve personal and business objectives.

In this sense, Jack Landsmanas established the Annual Training Plan from which periodic training sessions are carried out that seek to cover various needs in the organization, both in technical skills and in social skills..

What is the Corporate Kosmos commitment to society?

The commitment to its collaborators, society and the environment under which Kosmos Corporate works every day, reflect the passion to comply with the highest quality standards to deliver products in perfect state of preservation, always ensuring food safety.

In this way, the Jack Landsmanas company remains one of the 50 largest and most respectable business groups in Mexico.


Jack Landsmanas Stern Supports Mexico’s Secretary of Public Education’s Notable Cause By Charitable Donation

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation strives to provide a solution for food insecurity among children

MEXICO CITY, Jan. 31, 2020 / PRNewswire / – In light of the recent dedication by the Secretary of Public Education of Mexico, businessman and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern, CEO of Corporativo Kosmos, recently made a charitable donation to the Nutriendo organization. This donation was to motivate the cause to ensure new preschoolers have access to nutritious, school-provided meals when they begin preschool.

“This movement is an innovative return and has to do with such an important stage, thinking about our children, parents and what it means to enter a new level in school, whether preschool, primary or secondary,” The Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía López commented. “Thinking about the difficulties that this process is facing, the most important thing is how our families will plan during January, later, with a single click, in the month of February, make the pre-registration.”

Nutriendo is a charitable organization dedicated to offering health and nutrition programs to the children of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Founded by the engineer and businessman Mario Lozano González, Nutriendo began in 1985 with 15 informal breakfast centers in the region. Today, Nutriendo feeds more than 1,500 children every week.

Through his foundation, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (named for his grandfather), Jack Landsmanas reaches out to help people who live in situations of food insecurity. As part of this philanthropic work, Landsmanas Stern has made a sizable donation in support of the work of Nutriendo – a charity that feeds low-income children.

“It is important to me to support an organization like Nutriendo that does good for the world, especially children,” CEO of Corporativo Kosmos Jack Landsmanas said. “Through our foundation we supervise a network of companies that provide food to more than three million Mexicans everyday. The availability of food is something I am extremely passionate about.”

Both Nurturing and Mr. Jack Landsmanas Stern recognize that good nutrition helps support the physical and mental development of children as they grow and attend school. Seeing that the development of many children in the area has been affected by the lack of nutritious food, the organization now runs a series of kitchens and feeding centers in churches and schools.

In 2014, Nutriendo also added to their work by beginning to offer informational workshops for the parents and families of children. These workshops teach on issues of nutrition, health, hygiene, human development and self-esteem. In this way, Nutriendo strengthens the participation and buy-in of parents in the program.

Nutriendo’s mission is to combat poverty, generate wealth for the Mexican people, and support the development of Mexican children, and are dedicated to impacting the lives of children throughout their communities to combat childhood malnutrition in marginalized communities.

The funds that Landsmanan Stern has donated to the charity will help Nutriendo in their mission to provide healthy food. In this way, Landsmanan Stern and Nutriendo are working together to make Mexico a better place.

About Jack Landsmanas Stern:

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an influential businessman and philanthropist who currently serves as CEO of the leading Mexican food industry company, Corporativo Kosmos. As head of Corporativo Kosmos, Landsmanas Stern oversees an enormously complex operation that is responsible for providing more than 3 million meals to regions throughout Mexico.


Jack Landsmanas and The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

What is a change agent? Or better yet, who is a change agent? Naturally, the term lives as a double-edged sword because change can be good or bad. Which means the key to being a positive change agent requires one to understand when something needs to change, how to change it, and then actually change it.

Too many leaders promise oceans and deliver ponds, which is why change becomes such a messy term. That is, unless you’re Jack Landsmanas Stern. Stemming from a family legacy of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, the Corporativo Kosmos CEO continues to redefine what change can look like from one leader, one corporation, and an army of passionate and committed workers.

A Legacy

To understand Jack Landsmanas is to first learn about the Herculean efforts of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas. The elder Landsmanas first arrived in Mexico circa 1959, having moved from his homeland of Lithuania. Interested in making a positive, not-so-subtle impact in his new home, Pablo quickly went to work learning the ins-and-outs of the food service industry.

What came next was his first business – a small, intimate butcher shop called La Modelo. The more Pablo learned and the more he did, the bigger La Modelo grew. Over the years, the family-centric shop would transform into the food service behemoth known today as Corporativo Kosmos. And eventually, Pablo decided to turn the corporate reigns over to his grandson – Jack Landsmanas.

Corporativo Kosmos and Jack Landsmanas

When talking about his grandfather, Jack Landsmanas has this to say: “My grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, was a person like no other: he always distinguished himself by his integrity, perseverance, willingness to support others and his human quality. Inspired by his altruism, I decided to create a foundation with his name to preserve his legacy, trying to help those who
need it most.”

The foundation, appropriately named Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, has contributed greatly to the growth and development of Mexico. But the leader behind him deserves so much credit. Each day clarifies the influence that Pablo Landsmanas had on his grandson. Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, Corporativo Kosmos has become the leading provider of food services in Mexico. And most importantly, the company has distinguished itself for its integrity, perseverance, and willingness to support others.

As a whole, Corporativo Kosmos utilizes the three companies it oversees – The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov to help feed countless Mexicans each and everyday.

Separately, the three companies facilitate different food-oriented objectives. One of The Cosmopolitan’s main services is raw material supply, a crucial initiative geared toward high-security dining facilities within Mexico’s prison system. The company also provides non-culinary services like maintenance, cleaning, laundry, pest control, and gardening.

Serel is all about feeding solutions. What this means is arranging and maintaining large-scale dining rooms for various clients. It’s also responsible for the production of thousands of boxed lunches each day, much of which is shipped to flotels (floating housing units used to support oil and other offshore workers) for consumption.

Similarly, much of Kol Tov’s daily duties involve supporting sea-based dining and hotel services. Given Mexico’s rich oil and fishing industries, this is incredibly important.

Guiding the progress of these companies and Mexico’s economic, social, and environmental growth is Jack Landsmanas. Not only has he embodied the principles of his philanthropically-minded grandfather, but he’s continued to succeed in combining business with altruism. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and as far as Jack Landsmanas is concerned, a CEO’s duties venture far beyond the scope of management. It’s about change, remember?

And being a positive change agent.

The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Mexico. Along with other national and global leaders, Jack Landsmanas and his team work exceptionally hard to improve their homeland and the lives of those living in it.

Another way Jack Landsmanas has spearheaded this campaign is through founding the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation. A frequent partner with Corporativo Kosmos, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation holds true to its slogan: For you, for them, for Mexico.

Specifically, the foundation aims to support high-needs groups of people. These include teenage mothers, abandoned children, HIV patients, Holocaust survivors, recovering addicts, and more. Combining resources with Corporativo Kosmos, the two entities regularly support several philanthropic-minded organizations like Camino a Casa, Casa de la Sal, Ser Humano, and Casa de las Mercedes. This support comes in many forms, like delivering supplies to each charity, facilitating donations, and helping maintain various educational institutions.

Currently, the foundation delivers over 450,000 meals each month to adolescents who are victims of sexual violence, neglect, and/or labor exploitation. It also actively fights hunger and malnutrition, donating thousands of pounds of raw materials to organizations whose mission is to feed hungry children across Mexico.

Academic Excellence

Think back to the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation’s slogan: For you, for them, for Mexico. With them in mind, the foundation frequently assesses how it can support a high-needs educational system and better serve Mexico’s children.

One way? The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award.

Given yearly, the award disperses a number of scholarships to high-achieving primary school children, encouraging them to move forward with their studies and, as the award suggests, achieve excellence.

When Jack Landsmanas created a foundation in memory of his grandfather’s legacy, he built it off the elder Landsmanas’s core principles:

1. Honesty

Carrying oneself honestly in business and in life. Forming personal connections based on trust and welcomed intention.

2. Empathy

Experiencing something through another’s eyes. Understanding perspective and situational hardship. Feeling what someone else feels and doing something positive to help them.

3. Tenacity

Relentless strength. Relentless pursuit. A passion unmatched because passion drives progress. The most important thing one can do in this world is care.

4. Precision

Accuracy. Intent. Not just doing something to do it. Or worse, doing something in haphazard fashion. Intention behind actions, and actions guided by precise motives, plans, and outcomes.

5. Formality

Reputation is everything. Respect is imperative. Garnering respect because it’s deserved, not because it’s required.

For You, for Them, for Mexico

The stakes may change, but the principles of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and Corporativo Kosmos remain the same. It isn’t about strength in numbers or accolades or publicity. For Jack Landsmanas and his team, strength comes from purpose.

Purpose drives change. It started with a man traveling thousands of miles in the late 1950s with one goal in mind: make a difference. Since then, his creation—what some may have once considered to be nothing more than a simple “Ma’n’Pa” butcher shop—has spiraled into a well-oiled, steadily-led change agent.

Through a service-oriented approach and people-first mindset, Corporativo Kosmos now serves as a paragon for what a corporation can achieve when it comes to social and environmental progress. And with its extended offerings via the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, the future looks bright. With each new day comes a small change in Mexico’s well-being.

Creating better living for a country’s citizens is a journey that seemingly never ends. Regardless, Jack Landsmanas and Corporativo Kosmos promise to be there every step of the way.

For you, for them, for Mexico.


Build a sustainable tomorrow with Jack Landsmanas

Jack Landsmanas, CEO of Mexican food services giant Corporativo Kosmos, is on a mission. The successful entrepreneur and the philanthropic-minded businessman not only redefines best business practices, but his company and its foundation (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation) are key players in the development of initiatives aimed at helping the economic, social and environmental stability of Mexico.

And such a mission begins with the legacy.

Who Is Jack Landsmanas Stern?

Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) is known both nationally and globally as a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Currently, he is the CEO of Corporate Kosmos and founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (established in 2016).

The foundation was started in memory of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, who arrived in Mexico in 1959 from his country of origin, Lithuania. Once there, the La Modelo butcher shop operated in Mexico City. This later became Corporativo Kosmos, Mexico’s leading food service provider.

Corporate Kosmos

In the past 55 years, Corporate Kosmos has grown into a premier food service provider with the intention of constantly expanding the business through innovation and quality. Today, the corporation serves 3 million people across the country every day.

As CEO, Jack Landsmanas is committed to the positive change that Corporate Kosmos continues to have in the service industry. Noted for the investment it makes in its employees, the corporation serves as a business model. It fosters routine training and development for all team members, with Jack Landsmanas at the helm.

Additionally, the talented CEO has developed initiatives to promote social welfare and sustainability efforts throughout Mexico. Through his founding slogan “For You, For Them, For Mexico,” Jack intends to ensure that all Mexican citizens receive adequate food, education, and health services.

Sustainability in practice

By operating a food service corporation, Jack Landsmanas works tirelessly to ensure:

1) Human health: It is crucial that the corporation ensure the health and well-being of those it serves.

2) Sustainability Animal and environmental health should be considered, particularly when establishing best practices for food manufacturing processes.

3) Security:
Safe business practices are a priority when it comes to food, which means that all parties involved must be informed of the ever-changing guidelines and mandates.

To help with this operation, Corporativo Kosmos has launched a sustainability platform that focuses on developing the best daily practices for conducting business and protecting the environment. For example, the corporation has studied the use of water (and how it could be reused), as well as energy efficiency. In doing so, it has successfully promoted agricultural development and conservation.

Additionally, the company has switched to using biodegradable chemicals in its manufacturing process, a welcome change considering that the United States Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences has released research suggesting that 50% of environmental pollution comes from of chemicals and other atmospheric factors.

So by using biodegradable chemicals, Corporate Kosmos is helping to eliminate long-term contamination and debris buildup. This has not only proven to be a viable business practice, but has also helped raise awareness of growing concerns about sustainability (and the lack of measures to facilitate it).

Practice makes perfect

The work of Jack Landsmanas Stern and his employees at Corporate Kosmos is paying off. This year, the company had the privilege of being recognized as a socially responsible company. Presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the award is one of the most prestigious honors in sustainability circles.

And make no mistake: the award was not awarded just for the practices implemented at Corporate Kosmos. It was awarded because these practices are improving the economic, social, and environmental health of Mexico.

In particular, the Landsmanas family business group has successfully contributed to the SDGs (SDGs). These SDGs serve as written global initiatives by world leaders. With a concentrated effort, the hope is to eliminate poverty, increase care for the environment, drive sustainable construction, and promote peace, all by 2030.

With complete certainty these are very important objectives and Kosmos Corporate is helping to achieve them. Through its best practices, the corporation leads the charge for the second SDG known as Zero Hunger.

Zero Hunger

1) Supply needed: The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (which is associated with Corporativo Kosmos) helps supply food to the areas of Mexico where it is most needed.

2) Fight against malnutrition: Malnutrition is a leading factor in the poor health of millions of Mexicans and it is something that Corporativo Kosmos strives to combat. By providing safe, high-quality food across the country, Jack Landsmanas hopes to eliminate such a troublesome epidemic.

3) Good production with care: In other words, make sure that everything that Corporate Kosmos produces is done with care and concern for people and the environment. The company has implemented an environmental management system in its operations and has received certification to do so.

Zero Hunger

Given Jack Landsmanas Stern’s family legacy of social change, philanthropy, and quality service, it’s no surprise that the current CEO and descendant of Don Pablo Landsmanas approaches his leadership role with meticulous concern and passion.

The Corporate Kosmos message is clear: Quality before everything else. The Landsmanas family business group has managed to manage a corporate giant that maintains a family atmosphere.

Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, “ everyone contributes their grain of sand ”. Everyone has a role, everyone has a responsibility, and everyone is committed to social innovation, national prosperity, and global change.

Today, Corporate Kosmos represents more than 9,000 direct jobs. Deliver 800 tons of food to millions throughout Mexico, all while practicing what you preach. It is a leading corporation in best sustainability practices and is led by someone committed to the economic and social well-being of the citizens of Mexico, as well as the health and longevity of the environment in Mexico (and the world).

All this goes back to the motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation: “For you, for them, for Mexico”.

Jack Landsmanas Stern and his talented employees believe in that. Through passion, dedication, altruism and hope, they work every day to make the world a better place.


Defining leadership with Jack Landsmanas Stern

What defines effective leadership? Historically, the term has been shown to be malleable, so is it appropriate to assign a single description for all cases? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer to the question. And for philanthropic entrepreneur Jack Landsmanas Stern (aka Jack Landsmanas), the answer boils down to core values ​​that every leader must harbor. On paper, these values ​​are simple. In practice, however, they are much more complicated.

Landsmanas legacy

To understand who Jack Landsmanas Stern is, one must start with the legacy of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas.

Pablo Landsmanas arrived in Mexico in 1959 from his country of origin, Lithuania, and quickly went to work to found the butcher shop “La Modelo” in Mexico City. What started as a small family business eventually turned into something much bigger – Corporativo Kosmos, the largest provider of food services in Mexico.

Despite being a brilliant and super successful businessman, Pablo Landsmanas’ philanthropy remains the most important part of his legacy. And her grandson, Jack Landsmanas Stern, has followed in his footsteps.

Of such a grandfather, such a grandson

Jack Landsmanas is the interim CEO of Corporativo Kosmos. Every day, the corporation transports 800 tons of food throughout Mexico, and serves more than 3 million people.

In Jack Landsmanas eyes, his grandfather “was a person like no other: he was always distinguished by his integrity, perseverance, willingness to support others and his human qualities. Inspired by his altruism, I decided to create a base with his name to preserve his legacy by trying to help those who need it most. ”

Such a base exists as the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, an organization committed to funding many philanthropic missions aimed at helping disadvantaged citizens of Mexico. In fact, since its inception in 2016, the foundation has worked tirelessly with other philanthropic organizations to donate nearly half a million meals to the people who need it most.

These people include victims of sexual assault and unfair labor practices, teenage mothers, abandoned children, people with serious illnesses like HIV / AIDS, and recovering drug and alcohol addicts.

Furthermore, Jack Landsmanas is firmly committed to improving the lives of young people in Mexico. In addition to abundant food donations, the foundation strives to end child malnutrition, and its leadership has been instrumental in establishing a scholarship fund (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award) given to students high-performance elementary school.

Jack Landsmanas has also collaborated with various state and federal prisons across the country. Given that some of the neediest people in Mexico are inmates, their foresight and initiative to create a positive link between the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and the Mexican prison system has proven to be transformative. Through this collaboration, inmates can properly rehabilitate and prepare to join society.

With his grandfather’s propensity for charity and the legacy of altruism, Jack Landsmanas Stern had almost an obligation to continue it. And given the success of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and his own role as CEO of Corporativo Kosmos, it is fair to suggest that this is being accomplished.

Jack Landsmanas is someone who was not left alone in being a traditional businessman. He is an agent of change, leading by example and serving as a model of what an effective leader can be. It’s not just about business: it comes close to your position as someone responsible for leading social, economic and environmental change.

As it does? Again, think about values. While everyone has their own definition of leadership, Jack Landsmanas believes that a person’s (and specific) values ​​are what distinguish them as national and, in his own case, global agents of change.

Valores de liderazgo de Jack Landsmanas Stern

Jack’s leadership of both the Corporate Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation has led him to be recognized as an innovative leader with the intention of molding exceptional employees and having a positive global impact with his companies.

His leadership philosophy revolves around seven crucial values:

1. Passion

In his own practice, passion is the foundation of any successful leader and any successful business. It is a conduit, an intangible lightning rod. If a leader is passionate about what he is doing, that passion can spread like wildfire. And, after all, if a leader is not passionate, why lead?

2. Consciousness

Not only from yourself, but from the company or organization. An effective leader is a conscientious leader, constantly informed about the stability of your company, always up-to-date on employee satisfaction, and constantly informed on how the company adapts to your broader industry. Awareness of oneself, awareness of others, awareness of business.

3. Decision

With awareness comes a need for decision. Strong leaders know this and flex their muscles to make careful decisions. Passivity is not an option. With the knowledge of the organization itself, the need arises to promote it. The only way to do it is with intentional decisions.

4. Communication

A thriving workplace is one in which communication flows seamlessly from top to bottom. As a leader, this means creating systems that promote such fluency.

5. Respect

Living with passion, exhibiting awareness, making intentional and beneficial decisions, and communicating with employees – that’s a recipe for achieving respect from others. Any leader must want respect, but an effective leader will command it through his actions.

6. Improvement

Find employees who want to improve. Train them. Give them opportunities to grow. Watch with joy as they help the business prosper. Improvement comes from reflection, and Jack Landsmanas believes that an influential leader channels personal reflection toward growth. Additionally, this person challenges their employees to create growth through their own actions.

7. Progress

Does the organization advance? This is an essential question. Positive progress starts at the top, and if an organization is led by a transformative leader, it will progress.

Create valuable leadership with intentional values ​​to strive for a better tomorrow every day.

With these seven values ​​comes the challenge. Together they form a nutrient-rich cocktail for effective leadership; however, they are not always easy to mix. When you have difficulties, look to other leaders for advice. In the case of Jack Landsmanas Stern, inspiration came from his grandfather’s philanthropic figure.

Now, he hopes to share his vast experience with others and empower young and old leaders to strive for a better tomorrow every day.

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CEO Spotlight: Jack Landsmanas and Corporativo Kosmos’s Pledge to Sustainable Practices

If you’re a citizen of Mexico, chances are you’re familiar with the country’s leading foodservice provider, Corporativo Kosmos. Led by passionate businessman and entrepreneur Jack Landsmanas, the corporation—with three service-based companies under its authority – La Cosmopolitana, Serel, and Kol Tov—provides food to a vast amount of Mexican citizens every day!

Now, Corporativo Kosmos is making headlines for its pledge to sustainability.

Corporativo Kosmos: A Brief History

Corporativo Kosmos was founded by Jack Landsmanas’s grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas. After arriving to Mexico in 1959 from Lithuania, Pablo wanted to make a difference. He went to work learning about the food service industry and started a small butcher shop called La Modelo.

Through years of hard-work and dedication, La Modelo became Corporativo Kosmos. And along the way, Pablo Landsmanas became known for his philanthropically-minded business mentality. He garnered great respect from those he served, and eventually passed control of the company over to his grandson.

Above all else, Jack Landsmanas has embodied the altruistic principles of his grandfather in the way he manages Corporativo Kosmos. The corporation frequently partners with a foundation that the younger Landsmanas started in honor of his grandfather (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation) to support high-needs areas and groups of people across the country.

The Case for Sustainability

Consider this:

  1. Earth’s temperature is increasing at an alarming rate (up to 1.1 ° C since the Industrial Revolution, although it may not seem like much, it is cause for concern).
  2. Due to rising temperatures, torrential rains, landslides, and floods are becoming more common in certain areas of the world.
  3. The equal rise in sea level (often as a result of melting glaciers) will eventually force people to lose their homes.

So, how can big businesses help curtail climate change and environmental abuse?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On September 15, 2015, several world leaders created a list of global goals for eliminating poverty and better protecting the environment. Each of these goals has its own list of measurable objectives, with a targeted fifteen year timeline for goal completion.

Since the development of this sustainability agenda, many local and state governments, civil organizations, and private sector companies have launched initiatives of their own to support the cause.

Corporate Kosmos is no different, with Jack Landsmanas leading the charge towards best practices in environmental security and stability. Because the food service industry has a direct impact on human nutrition (and, as a result, Earth’s resources), it is imperative that you take responsibility for developing sustainable practices.

Here are four SDGs that Jack Landsmanas is focused on:

1.Zero hunger

A primary objective across the world is to eradicate hunger and give people equal access to healthy food sources, while also ensuring that food production systems operate in a safe and sustainable fashion.
Ways to accomplish this are by working only with ethical suppliers, ensuring that production processes and finished products meet high-quality and safety standards, and implementing new technology to reduce waste.

2.Clean water and sanitation

Water is crucial to the food industry. Raw materials are run multiple times through water, and it’s also used to maintain any and all equipment used for production processes. As such, water savings are a priority. Corporativo Kosmos employs both closed-circuit water systems and vacuum evaporation to achieve this. A closed-circuit water system involves limiting water’s exposure to air. This decreases the chances of contamination and also maintains water levels. Vacuum evaporation helps increase the amount of time food can be safely stored.

3.Responsible production/consumption

Waste minimization and limiting natural resource consumption are two main components of these SDGs. This means investing in renewable energy sources, limiting waste, and looking for ways to use recyclable materials throughout production.


Last but not least, Corporativo Kosmos is using its large platform to raise awareness of global warming and what companies like itself can do to minimize hazardous effects on the environment that are born from production and manufacturing processes.

Why Practice Sustainability?

Jack Landsmanas believes Corporativo Kosmos’s mission travels far beyond simple food service. If Mexico’s leading food provider is to truly make an impact each day, that requires the corporation’s leaders to look at how its practices and approaches affect the world.

As Landsmanas will tell you, there are plenty of reasons to practice sustainability. Doing so helps improve a country’s social and environmental well-being, as well as boosting economic wellness. Moreover, being a sustainable company brings a myriad of advantages:

1.Brand reputation

Having a positive impact beyond the company’s main product(s) or service(s) speaks volumes to the leadership, goals, and missions of said company. Achieving sustainable practices can only bolster a company’s reputation and distinguish it from competitors who are failing to do the same.

2.Cost savings

Not only does implementing sustainable practices help the environment, but also the company! Too many organizations waste money on practices built off “use” rather than “savings.” In constructing sustainable best practices for daily production, companies can save money moving forward.


Sustainability brings its own platter full of rules and certifications. If a company stays up-to-date with these, it can curtail any future complications. Moreover, sustainable companies are recognized for such valor. In 2019, Corporativo Kosmos had the privilege of being named a Socially Responsible Company. Presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the award is one of the most prestigious honors in sustainability circles. No, it’s not all about recognition. Jack Landsmanas will be the first one to tell you that. However, there’s nothing wrong with being known as a company that consistently does good for the world. An award from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy helps with that.

4.Job retention and a growing talent pool

You know who wants to work for an environmentally conscious and world-renown company? Everyone! Satisfying sustainable efforts and showing employees that you care keeps them around. It also attracts some of the best and brightest itching to work for an equally respectable company.

Sustainability in Action: The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation

In 2016, Jack Landsmanas founded the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in honor of his grandfather. The foundation rests upon four pillars: feeding, health, education, and sustainable development.

Today, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation works closely with Corporativo Kosmos to fulfill these pillars and promote social awareness and environmental stability. Notable achievements include heavy support for areas affected by natural disasters, over 450,000 meals delivered monthly to high-needs groups and volunteer organizations, assistance with reintroducing inmates to society and providing aid to various medical interventions around Mexico.

In particular, the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation is well on its way to helping achieve zero hunger, and it continues to be a welcoming and well-known presence across the country.

Moving Forward

Like most things in life, climate change does not come with a simple solution. More companies should follow the leadership of Corporate Kosmos in consolidation measures to promote sustainability and social well-being.

Through concerted efforts from these companies and continued perseverance from global leaders, the most recent SDGs can be met. For Jack Landsmanas, it’s a matter of personal and professional integrity, legacy, and simply asking oneself: What world do you want to live in tomorrow?




MIGUEL HIDALGO, MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, March 9, 2020 / / – The renowned commercial avant-garde and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern helped the food service provider Corporative Kosmos obtain an acclaimed food safety recognition, known as the ‘Distintivo H’, from the Mexican Ministry of Tourism, corroborating the company’s commitment to excellence in customer service. This honor gives Corporativo Kosmos access to both the tourism sector and hospital dining rooms, promoting outreach efforts and the impact of their work.

“We are proud to have obtained the Distinctive H recognition from the Ministry of Tourism. Our top priority is to protect the well-being of our consumers by offering the highest quality food and beverages that align with modern safety standards, “said Jack Landsmanas of the Kosmos Corporate.” All levels of our organization are committed to the goal on a daily basis. health and safety. I am proud of everyone’s efforts and look forward to continuing to serve our communities. “

The Distinctive H recognition is achieved through the proper and meticulous handling of the reception and storage of food, refrigeration and freezing of products, the adequate temperature of the hot and cold bars, the standards of cleanliness of the establishments, the sanitary services of the employees and the whole food and beverage management. The Ministry of Tourism is ensuring that the Kosmos Corporate food and beverage operations follow the standards of providing excellent service to consumers. Earning this distinction is a direct testimony to how efficient each layer of the organization is run. From delivery drivers to line cooks, and from CEO to advisory board, all employees at Kosmos Corporate are united around the idea of ​​providing the best possible food and beverage standards.

The Distinctive H badge is a major tourist attraction, signaling to global travelers and foreign countries the effectiveness of local food. Mexico saw 44.8 million international tourists in 2019, an increase of 5.6% from projections made in 2018. With Corporate Kosmos serving resorts, hotels, and other popular tourist destinations, these rates are expected to increase during 2020 and beyond.

Jack Landsmanas Stern also added: “It is an honor to earn the H badge, a recognition that our entire company has strived to achieve. We are all focused on the singular goal of offering delicious and available food and beverage services that not only meet, but exceed, food safety standards. The opportunity to start serving the tourism sector and the hospitality dining rooms is a great opportunity for us and for the Mexican Republic. ”

Jack Landsmana Stern’s commitment to food safety and sanitation, and overall excellence in business, predates the honor of winning the H. Distinctive Award. Don Pablo Landsmanas grandson, integrity, service, and honor run his family. Corporate Kosmos has offered large-scale dining services and packed lunches for years. During his tenure, Jack Landsmanas Stern has distinguished the popular food service provider with his financial and logistical strengths, as well as his passion for serving customers throughout Mexico.

People interested in learning more about Corporate Kosmos or Jack Landsmanas Stern can visit .

About Jack Landsmanas Stern

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an influential businessman and philanthropist who currently serves as CEO or Director of the leading company in the Mexican food industry , Corporativo Kosmos. As head of the Kosmos Corporate, Jack Landsmanas Stern oversees an enormously complex operation that provides food to regions throughout Mexico.

About Corporate Kosmos

Corporativo Kosmos ofrece servicios de comida y servicios generales para comedores institucionales; producción y distribución de desayunos empaquetados y despensa; preparación de desayunos y comidas escolares; servicios de hostelería y hotelería en plataformas marinas en la costa y en altamar; Servicios de aprovisionamiento de embarcaciones y suministro de materias primas. La misión de la compañía es mantener la confianza de sus clientes y consumidores, y para lograr esto, el grupo pone en práctica su lema: “Pasión por cumplir”.