A company is much more than implementing a business strategy or planning the logistics of an operation: it is to create a solid culture with a clear mission, vision and values.

As one of the most important business leaders in Mexico, Jack Landsmanas recognizes the importance of building the culture of an organization and knows well how to make employees feel part of it and achieve the desired results for the business.

Jack Landsmanas: importance of defining the values ​​of an organization

Many directors or managers may wonder why it is so relevant to have certain values and how this can benefit the company’s performance.

There are four main reasons:

1. Define the identity. Values and culture are the two factors that determine the character of an organization and differentiate it from other companies, giving it a strong competitive advantage.

2. Motivate the work team. When employees know and live the values of the company where they work they improve their self-esteem and performance. Perceive and verify that their participation within the company has a direct effect, makes them feel part of a larger mission.

3. Show commitment. One of the characteristics that define Jack Landsmanas is his commitment to the economic, social and environmental well-being of Mexico.

Like Corporate Kosmos, the fundamental values ​​of an organization must reflect the commitment that, in return, it has with its stakeholders, society and the region where it operates.

4. Guide decision making. Culture represents the behaviors that exist within a corporate, therefore, influences when making decisions that will impact the results to be obtained.

Undoubtedly, building a culture and specifying the values ​​of a company are steps that should not be skipped; However, the real question is how to start doing it.

There are several methodologies for an organization to begin to form its culture, but the best way to start is to define the objectives and results that you want to achieve during the year; From there, you can design the corporate culture that is needed to reach those achievements.

Originally published at http://jacklandsmanas.com on October 30, 2019.

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