Importance of defining the values ​​of an organization

A company is much more than implementing a business strategy or planning the logistics of an operation: it is to create a solid culture with a clear mission, vision and values.

As one of the most important business leaders in Mexico, Jack Landsmanas recognizes the importance of building the culture of an organization and knows well how to make employees feel part of it and achieve the desired results for the business.

Jack Landsmanas: importance of defining the values ​​of an organization

Many directors or managers may wonder why it is so relevant to have certain values and how this can benefit the company’s performance.

There are four main reasons:

1. Define the identity. Values and culture are the two factors that determine the character of an organization and differentiate it from other companies, giving it a strong competitive advantage.

2. Motivate the work team. When employees know and live the values of the company where they work they improve their self-esteem and performance. Perceive and verify that their participation within the company has a direct effect, makes them feel part of a larger mission.

3. Show commitment. One of the characteristics that define Jack Landsmanas is his commitment to the economic, social and environmental well-being of Mexico.

Like Corporate Kosmos, the fundamental values ​​of an organization must reflect the commitment that, in return, it has with its stakeholders, society and the region where it operates.

4. Guide decision making. Culture represents the behaviors that exist within a corporate, therefore, influences when making decisions that will impact the results to be obtained.

Undoubtedly, building a culture and specifying the values ​​of a company are steps that should not be skipped; However, the real question is how to start doing it.

There are several methodologies for an organization to begin to form its culture, but the best way to start is to define the objectives and results that you want to achieve during the year; From there, you can design the corporate culture that is needed to reach those achievements.

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Jack Landsmanas Stern: how to boost economic development?

Jack Landsmanas directs one of the most important business groups within the Mexican food industry: Kosmos Corporate .

For 55 years, Kosmos Corporate has attended to the needs of all its clients nationwide through the different services offered by each of the companies that comprise it: attention to institutional dining rooms, assembly and distribution of pantries, food production, catering and hotel , among other general services.

Through these operations, the company has not only stood out in the industry for its versatility and won the trust of customers and consumers , it has also helped boost the country’s economic development.

Jack Landsmanas: How to boost the economic development of Mexico?

Corporations are one of the main promoters of the economic well-being of a territory. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that large Mexican companies contributed approximately 58% to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in that period.

To achieve an impact of this magnitude, it is not enough for a business to carry out its daily operations: it is necessary that it undertakes other initiatives in its strategy.

The business group of Jack Landsmanas and his family, for example, contributes to the development and economic well-being of the Mexican Republic in four main ways:

  • Job creation. To date, Corporativa Kosmos has generated 9,000 direct jobs in different areas, in addition to the contracts it has with suppliers and the thousands of indirect jobs it generates.
  • Support of national products. 94% of the products acquired by Jack Landsmanas companies come from Mexican producers, favoring the local economy.
  • Social responsibility projects. With the creation of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, the company has initiated several programs focused on the social and environmental well-being of the country.
  • Quality guarantee. The business group has obtained the most recognized certifications in terms of food safety and quality, excellence in management systems and environmental impact.

These four actions that Jack Landsmanas and his work team carry out day after day have made Corporativa Kosmos one of the quality ambassadors companies in the face of national and foreign investment, thus becoming one of the central contributors to the economic well – being of the country.

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Build a sustainable tomorrow with Jack Landsmanas

Jack Landsmanas, CEO of Mexican food services giant Kosmos Corporate, is on a mission. The successful entrepreneur and philanthropic- minded entrepreneur not only redefines best business practices, but his company and its foundation (the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation) are key actors in the development of initiatives aimed at helping economic, social and environmental stability of Mexico.

And such a mission begins with the legacy.


Who is Jack Landsmanas Stern?

Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) is known both nationally and globally as a successful entrepreneur and entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Corporate Kosmos and founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (established in 2016).

The foundation began in memory of his grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, who arrived in Mexico in 1959 from his home country, Lithuania. Once there, he operated the La Modelo butcher shop in Mexico City. This later became Kosmos Corporate , Mexico’s leading food service provider.

Kosmos Corporate

In the last 55 years, Corporate Kosmos has become a first-class food service provider with the intention of constantly expanding the business through innovation and quality. Currently, the corporation serves food to 3 million people across the country every day.

As CEO, Jack Landsmanas is committed to the positive change that Corporate Kosmos continues to have in the service industry. Noted for the investment it makes in its employees, the corporation serves as a business model. It encourages training and routine development for all team members, with Jack Landsmanas leading everything.

In addition, the talented CEO has developed initiatives to promote social welfare and sustainability efforts throughout Mexico. Through the slogan of his “For you, for them, for Mexico” foundation, Jack intends to ensure that all Mexican citizens receive adequate food, education and health services.

Sustainability in practice

When operating a food service corporation , Jack Landsmanas works tirelessly to ensure:

1) Human health: It is crucial that the corporation guarantees the health and well-being of those it serves.

2) Sustainability Animal and environmental health should be considered, particularly when establishing best practices for food manufacturing processes.

3) Security: Safe business practices are a priority when it comes to food, which means that all parties involved should be informed of the ever changing guidelines and mandates.

To help with this operation, Corporativa Kosmos has launched a sustainability platform that focuses on developing the best daily practices to conduct business and protect the environment. For example, the corporation has studied the use of water (and how it could be reused), as well as energy efficiency. In doing so, it has managed to promote agricultural development and conservation.

In addition, the company has changed to using biodegradable chemicals in its manufacturing process, a welcome change considering that the United States Cooperative Institute for Environmental Science Research has published research that suggests that 50% of environmental pollution comes of chemicals and other atmospheric factors.

So, by using biodegradable chemicals, Corporate Kosmos is helping to eliminate prolonged pollution and waste accumulation. Not only has this proven to be a viable business practice, but it has also helped raise awareness about growing concerns about sustainability (and the lack of measures to facilitate it).

Practice makes perfect

The work of Jack Landsmanas Stern and his employees at Corporate Kosmos is paying off. This year, the company had the privilege of being recognized as a socially responsible company. Presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the award is one of the most prestigious honors in sustainability circles.

And make no mistake: the prize was not awarded only for the practices implemented in Corporate Kosmos. It was awarded because these practices are improving the economic, social and environmental health of Mexico.

In particular, the Landsmanas family business group has been able to contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), SDG for its acronym in English. These SDGs serve as global written initiatives made by world leaders. With a concentrated effort, the hope is to eliminate poverty, increase environmental care, promote sustainable construction and promote peace, all by 2030.

With total security these are very important objectives and Corporate Kosmos is helping to achieve them. Through its best practices, the corporation leads the charge of the second SDG known as 
Zero Hunger .

Zero Hunger

The work of Jack Landsmanas Stern and his employees at Corporate Kosmos is paying off. This year, the company had the privilege of being recognized as a socially responsible company. Presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, the award is one of the most prestigious honors in sustainability circles.

The Zero Hunger title says it all: ending world hunger, providing safe food, increasing nutrition and promoting / providing sustainable agriculture.

Corporate Kosmos contributes to this in three ways:

1) Supply needed: The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation (which is associated with Corporate Kosmos) helps to provide food to areas of Mexico where it is most needed.

2) Fight against malnutrition: Malnutrition is a leading factor in the poor health of millions of Mexicans and is something that Corporativa Kosmos strives to combat. By providing safe and high quality food throughout the country, Jack Landsmanas hopes to eliminate such a problematic epidemic.

3) Good production with care: In other words, make sure that everything Corporate Kosmos produces is done with care and concern for people and the environment. The company has implemented an environmental management system in its operations and has received certification to do so.

Always matters

Given the family legacy of social change, philanthropy and quality service of Jack Landsmanas Stern, it is not surprising that the current CEO and descendant of Don Pablo Landsmanas addresses his leadership role with meticulous concern and great passion.

The Kosmos Corporate message is clear: Quality before everything else. The Landsmanas family business group has managed to manage a corporate giant that maintains a family atmosphere.

Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas , “everyone brings their grain of sand.” Everyone has a role, everyone has a responsibility and everyone is committed to social innovation, national prosperity and global change.

Today, Corporate Kosmos represents more than 9,000 direct jobs. Deliver 800 tons of food to millions throughout Mexico , all while practicing what you preach. It is a leading corporation in best sustainability practices and is run by someone committed to the economic and social welfare of the citizens of Mexico, as well as to the health and longevity of the environment in Mexico (and the world).

All this goes back to the motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation: “For you, for them, for Mexico”.

Jack Landsmanas Stern and his talented employees believe in that. Through passion, dedication, altruism and hope, they work every day to make the world a better place.


Leadership is a guarantee of quality

Corporate Kosmos is one of the 50 largest and most respectable groups in the country

Last year, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GESI) was born, an effort of 63 countries gathered at the World Conference on Food Safety .

The objective of the initiative is to improve the methods that companies use to ensure the safety of the food they offer.

Among the points of the initiative is the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and experiences among food industry professionals; develop best safety practices , and share them with small and large companies , as well as reduce costs and waste .

In Mexico, Corporativa Kosmos, to which the companies La Cosmopolitana, Serel and Kol Tov belong, implements these principles and is kept up to date on food safety thanks to the work of the Group leader , Jack Landsmanas .

 Jack Landsmanas, together with his entire team, puts these parameters into practice in the different operational processes of the companies that are part of the Group, seeking to maintain the trust of their customers and consumers and remain one of the 50 largest business groups and respectable from Mexico,  said the corporate.

To ensure the health of food, in addition to the application of the parameters established by the Initiative, Jack Landsmanas promotes the constant updating of industry certifications and standards .

Part of that work is the investment they make from the corporate technology and innovation to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

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By Ender Marcano


How Jack Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos provide services on the high seas

Corporate Kosmos, led by the prosperous businessman and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern, is making the world a better place.

Corporate Kosmos, led by the prosperous businessman and philanthropist Jack Landsmanas Stern, is making the world a better place. Since its inception in the 1950s, Corporativa Kosmos has become the leading provider of food services in Mexico.

The leader of the service industry is known for the positive change it has had in the economic, social and environmental climates of Mexico. The company routinely invests and uses national products for its services, has created thousands of jobs across the country and is one of the few companies that grows successfully and maintains the high quality of its product.

With national fame for its efforts throughout Mexico, it is easy to underestimate the influence of Corporate Kosmos outside the country’s boundaries. In particular, its commitment to provide high quality food to offshore locations, as it does to land-based establishments.

How does something like this work? Let’s meet the man in charge of everything.

A legacy of leadership

Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) was born to be a leader.

His grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, emigrated from Lithuania to Mexico in 1959. Once there, he set to work in the construction of his own business. What began as the La Modelo butcher shop in Mexico City later became the immensely popular Kosmos Corporate.

Pablo Landsmanas was not just a successful entrepreneur. He lived his life around passion, perseverance and philanthropy. And he didn’t want to be alone with La Modelo. He did not want to limit his activities to a brick and cement shop “Ma y Pa” style. The intimacy was great, but Pablo Landsmanas sought intimacy at a broader level. A company capable of leaving its mark on all of Mexico, all while maintaining a very close environment and, above all, the high quality of its product.

He achieved a business of such magnitude.

Now, Jack Landsmanas, Pablo’s grandson, has the reigns of the Kosmos Corporate. Widely respected for his similar commitment to philanthropy and service, Jack Landsmanas has served as a transformative leader for the company. Under his direction, Corporativa Kosmos provides 800 tons of food to more than 3 million Mexican residents.


In addition, Landsmanas created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. Operating under the mantra “For you, for them, for Mexico”, the foundation is often associated with Corporativa Kosmos and has successfully captured the altruism of Don Pablo for the benefit of all Current and future Mexican residents. It is safe to say that Don Pablo’s legacy is in good hands.

Expansion to the seas

2008 was a year of great growth for Corporate Kosmos. As a result of his hard work and service throughout Mexico, he expanded to hotel and catering services for oil platforms. Until 2019, where its maritime presence is deep.

Here is a fact: Mexico is an oil gold mine. 80% of its national production is derived from oil drilling. The challenge? None of this is done on land. And with this complicated task there is a great need for highly specialized people. In addition, when these people have to fulfill their obligations in the middle of the sea, they must make logistical efforts so that the workers remain safe.

Enter Jack Landsmanas. Enter Kosmos Corporate.

Or Kol Tov, to be more specific. Kol Tov is a food service company with a history of catering, amenities and food transportation on the high seas. He is also supervised by Jack Landsmanas, with Corporate Kosmos as the parent company of Kol Tov.

Kol Tov is based in the port of the city of Carmen. The location is a matter of strategy: Mexico’s main oil supply, called Campeche Sound. Because of this, the port is home to thousands of workers who travel to Sound for days to extract oil. And as a result, these workers require accommodation, food, recreation and health services.

The flotels (houses located on rafts or semi-submersible platforms) are used as accommodation for workers. These unique living environments offer personal cabins, gym and recreational facilities, saunas, two dining rooms (designed to house almost 300 people at a time), office areas and a large service kitchen.

Then, Kol Tov’s job is to facilitate the daily operations of a flotel that operates from the port of Carmen City. Your current flotel is capable of accommodating 700 people (including 100 service workers). A difficult task, to say the least.

With the backing of Corporate Kosmos and the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, Kol Tov has led the charge during the tide when it comes to hospitality on the high seas.

Now, what does it look like to operate a dining room on the high seas?

Maritime operations

First, it is important to reiterate Jack Landsmanas’ commitment to quality control. Any industry needs effective management and a system of checks and balances, and nobody understands it better than Jack Landsmanas.

However, what separates Landsmanas (and really defines its success as a leader) is its commitment to people. When it comes to that, he understands what many other top executives do not achieve: while running the Kosmos Corporate ship, thousands of people help rowing. Your team of leaders. Your business partners Your employees. All driving Corporate Kosmos forward every day.

Any project, on land or on the high seas, begins with the life force of the company: its team of passionate employees. For Jack Landsmanas, this is essential. Find people passionate about building a better Mexico and give them the opportunity to also build better versions of themselves.

All employees of Corporate Kosmos (regardless of whether they are in Kol Tov or other companies under the umbrella of Corporate Kosmos) have opportunities for continuous on-the-job training and personal / professional development. Again, people as the life force of a company. Jack Landsmanas understands this, which is what makes it easy to provide something like food services on the high seas.

Well almost. This is how it happens:

1) Delivery

The first step is to take the food to the flotel. Whether boats or land vehicles, all delivery vessels are equipped with high-tech refrigeration chambers to ensure that food remains quality and, upon arrival, safe for consumption. This is necessary to maintain a strict level of quality control, a level that separates Jack Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos from its competitors.

2) Care on site

Once the food has been successfully delivered to the flotel, it is necessary to ensure the next step is to keep the food safe and consumable while at sea. The flotel operated by Jack Landsmanas and Kol Tov contains 8 preservation chambers, 60 different equipment for cooking food, hot and cold food kitchens, a cafeteria and bakery, and 10 supermarkets. Needless to say, oil workers have many options to stay healthy!

In addition to food care, Kol Tov uses only the safest and most effective cleaning products to ensure that the many spaces in the flotel remain disinfected.

3) With a vision of the future

There are no day trips at the flotel, so proper planning is needed. Usually, a standard inventory is made for at least 30 days at sea. Longer and new calculations must be made. Those involved in this process are also very involved in the delivery of goods and supplies, since the two procedures tend to go hand in hand. The effort to supply a flotel for its operation is certainly a practical cover job.

4) Development staff

The efforts of Jack Landsmanas do not stop at the simple supply of food. He works actively to combat malnutrition throughout Mexico. The goal is not only to deliver 800 tons of food every day to the citizens of Mexico, it is to deliver healthy food throughout the country.

This same philosophy permeates the maritime initiatives of Corporate Kosmos. Kol Tov specifically hires chefs and nutritionists who can develop adequate meal plans for oil rig workers based on the work they do each day. In other words, how can these workers be fed nutrient-rich foods that correlate with the often strenuous work they do?

The same chefs and nutritionists who develop these plans also have the opportunities offered to other Corporate Kosmos employees: attend trainings, workshops and seminars aimed at improving the trade. With these opportunities, the menus on board the Kol Tov flotel constantly change to provide variety, diversity and creativity in what is served.

Be the change you want to see

Through its continuous efforts and those of its talented and social-minded employees, Corporate Kosmos continues to do many things in an extraordinary way.

On land, off land, through land, by land, Corporate Kosmos is making a difference. With over fifty years of experience and a deep-rooted commitment to create social change and build a better Mexico, the vision of Don Pablo Landsmanas is still alive thanks to the actions of his grandson, Jack Landsmanas Stern, and his deep group of talented employees .

Throughout Mexico, people feel the impact of the Landsmanas name and the passion of the Kosmos Corporate industry, their high level of creativity and their fervent philanthropy.

Corporate Kosmos is in a good place. Through its practices and initiatives, it will continue to place Mexico in an increasingly better place.


Jack Landsmanas, Corporate Kosmos and the impulse for a better Mexico

Throughout Mexico, Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) is a household name. A businessman tested in battle and a devoted philanthropist, Jack Landsmanas’ life revolves around making the country a better place. As head of Corporativa Kosmos , Mexican food service leader and founder of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas and his team work to create jobs and eradicate hunger for Mexican residents, while implementing practices aimed at promoting environmentally friendly businesses. environment.

In addition, the talented and altruistic CEO announces a family legacy of goodwill. His grandfather, Don Pablo Landsmanas, emigrated to Mexico from Lithuania in 1959. He established the La Modelo carnage in Mexico City, which later became a great success Kosmos Corporate.

Pablo Landsmanas’ life revolved around three “P” (for his English words): passion, perseverance and philanthropy. And through the leadership of his grandson of the Kosmos Corporate, the proverbial torch has been largely approved. Jack Landsmanas has carried out his grandfather’s altruism. The motto of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation says it all: «For you, for them, for Mexico».

The foundation established by Pablo Landsmanas continues to grow under the transformative leadership of Jack Landsmanas. Between Corporativa Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack intends to continue redefining Mexico’s economic, social and environmental climate.

Kosmos Corporate

With more than fifty years of growth, Corporativa Kosmos is the largest provider of food services in Mexico. In fact, its central facility in Mexico City is the largest in the world, and its 27 distribution centers across the country allow it to provide a whopping 800 tons of food to more than 3 million Mexican residents every day.

In addition, the corporation is certified for its high-level sanitation efforts and was recognized this year by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy as a Socially Responsible Company, a great honor granted only to the most environmentally conscious companies.

What was once a simple butcher shop is now responsible for providing food services to industrial canteens, schools, hotels and ships, as well as providing raw materials for food processing.

How has Corporate Kosmos achieved such a high level of success? Ask any of your employees and they will make sure to point to the leadership of Jack Landsmanas.

Jack everywhere

The vitality of Corporate Kosmos comes from the passion and relentless impulse of its leader, Jack Landsmanas Stern. The partnership of the corporation with the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation has also contributed to its widespread success and stability. By creating the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas discovered a way to merge both business and philanthropy. Now, the commemorative foundation of his corporate giant and grandfather works in unison to build a better Mexico.

The impact of Jack Landsmanas’ leadership is undeniable but, as the saying goes, “Rome was not built in one day”, and it certainly was not built with just two hands. The Corporate Kosmos and the team of stars of the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation show up to work every day ready to create a social change.

Corporate Kosmos employees are presented with continuous training and development opportunities. The idea here is simple, but one that does not always seem to be valued in a company: better employees create better results . For Jack Landsmanas, nothing could be more true, and the national and global success of his company comes from creating a climate of change within his own ranks and then relying on his employees to drive change in the community.

Transformational leadership, transformational employees. For you, for them, for Mexico.

So what does part of this change look like?


Build a better Mexico

The imprint of the Corporate Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation is seen throughout Mexico. In particular, Jack Landsmanas and his team have:

1) Invested in national products

Corporativa Kosmos is proud to invest in national products for the longevity of the Mexican economy and its entrepreneurs. By doing so, the company helps promote local markets and better relationships between investors and suppliers.

Investing in local products leads to greater quality control, so 94% of Kosmos Corporate products come directly from Mexico.

2) Produced a growth in employment

Consider: transporting 800 tons of food to more than 3 million people every day is a considerable effort. Combine that with the other one hundred initiatives carried out by Corporativa Kosmos and the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation and you will have an endless demand for jobs.

Under the leadership of Jack Landsmanas, Corporate Kosmos has become a company of 8,000 employees. And with 94% of its products from Mexico, job opportunities remain available.

3) Maintained quality while increasing the quantity

Quality and quantity do not always go together, but for Jack Landsmanas and Corporate Kosmos, they are the same. The CEO is constantly looking for ways to certify Corporate Kosmos products and increase their authority in the market. The company has become a paradigm for the appropriate industry standards both in Mexico and internationally.

In particular, Jack Landsmanas Stern emphasizes productivity and service. La Cosmopolitina, a company under the umbrella of the Kosmos Corporate, is known for its service and quality in meat production. The company is also recognized for its food safety management system, responsible for evaluating all its supply changes from top to bottom. This means from the practices of a rancher to the production line: everything is subjected to careful and appropriate scrutiny.

It is no secret that under the leadership ages of Don Pablo and Jack Landsmanas, the services and prominence of Corporate Kosmos have only grown. However, the most impressive may be your commitment and follow-up with quality as it has expanded.

4) Served to Mexico

By creating the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Jack Landsmanas has managed to merge business with philanthropy. In addition to partnering with schools and other companies, it has also forged relationships with the Mexican prison system. With prison officials, Jack works to provide support in the rehabilitation of prisoners and prepare them to join society.

In addition, much of the food distributed by Corporate Kosmos goes to those who need it most throughout the country. This has helped the company receive its reputation for having a philanthropic mentality and always strives to serve what it considers most important: people.

A better tomorrow

The purpose creates change, and Jack Landsmanas is someone who understands the purpose. His leadership ventures far beyond the reach of business. His life revolves around helping people in need and empowering others to do the same.

The impact of the Corporate Kosmos has no limits. He continues to lead social change throughout Mexico, the citizens of the country feel their impact every day. With a full leader like Jack Landsmanas Stern, a team of relentlessly passionate employees and the basic but powerful idea that positive change is always possible, the spirit of Don Pablo Landsmanas is still alive and the Kosmos Corporate flourishes.