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Our Little Story
About Us

As the leader of one of the largest and most respectable conglomerates in Mexico –Corporativa Kosmos–, Jack Landsmanas is distinguished by its business leadership and its capacity for innovation and service to society.

The entrepreneur has dedicated his life to making a positive difference in the country through research and development that stimulate the social and economic welfare of Mexico and environmental care through various initiatives. 

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Values ​​and culture are the two factors that determine the character of an organization and differentiate it from other companies, giving it a strong competitive advantage.​

Food Industry

Kosmos Corporation is a largest food service provider in Mexico.


Jack Landsmanas Stern also works with communities and social organizations to provide social benefits where it mattered.

Business Strategies

Since Corporate Kosmos was founded by Pablo Landsmanas, many of its activities have been focused on the social, economic and environmental well-being of the country.

Defining the values
Our Values

A company is much more than implementing a business strategy or planning the logistics of an operation: it is to create a solid culture with a clear mission, vision and values.

As one of the most important business leaders in Mexico, Jack Landsmanas recognizes the importance of building the culture of an organization and knows well how to make employees feel part of it and achieve the desired results for the business.


Why we’re different

Jack Landsmanas Stern cares deeply for the citizens of his country and, as a founder he works hard every day to ensure that all citizens of Mexico have the opportunity to have a good life.

Today, the Kosmos Corporation has a presence in 30 states throughout Mexico, which makes it the largest food service provider in the country. However, Jack Landsmanas Stern is not willing to rest on his laurels, and has even greater ambitions to the company.

  • Define the identity
  • Motivate the work team
  • Show commitment
  • Service attitude, both with internal and external customers.

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Our Little Story
Mission & Vision


Serve our clients fulfilling our commitments with passion and quality.


Be one of the 50 largest and most respectable business groups in Mexico.